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Last night our oldest cat, Footnote, died.  We think he had a heart attack.  He was 20 years old, and had been with us since he was a kitten, so he had a good run.   He had slowly been getting older and tireder, and didn't do much any more but wander between his food bowl and the fire  (and occasionally shout loudly to be rescued, if he got a bit confused on the route from A to B.)  He was the only one of our current three (now two) cats that we adopted as a kitten, from a friend who had found and rescued a pregnant cat that was being attacked by a dog.

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Some of the vegan truffles we made as presents.  Well, technically the thing on the left is a coconut limeball. But the rest are truffles.  We ended up with rather a lot of them left after we had put the gift ones all in boxes.  What a tragedy.

I made most of the family Festive Guineapig cards this year (because I started with one card for my sister, who is vegan and a guineapig enthusiast, and sort of got a bit carried away.   But I didn't photograph those because I finished them rather late.  I really liked them as pencil, but ended up rather rushing the colouring, which is definitely the part of painting that I need to stop and think about carefully.  I'm Ok with drawing shapes quickly, but shading and colours are harder.
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Cat update

Dec. 6th, 2016 08:18 pm
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Yama Bungle has been unwell, and needed daily antibiotics.  He would not eat the food with the liquid medication on it, so we got him pills.  He would not eat the pills in cheese, or sardines, or liver cake.    We have been forced to adopt the Cat Is Basically A Tube method, where the cat is swaddled in towels and you try to inject medicine into his mouth.
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If you collect hair from your cat when you groom him, you can then felt that hair together into a small pointy hat and make him wear it.

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Oct. 25th, 2016 09:35 am
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It is the time of year when 'getting up' means 'everyone race to the gas fire, she's turned it on!'  Including me.

Henning cat is just out of shot.  Yama Bungle is ... actually where is Yama Bungle?  Eating All The Breakfast, I darkly suspect.
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Police are searching for a Eurasian Lynx that escaped from Dartmoor Zoo overnight.  It had dug its way out of its enclosure after arriving yesterday.

I wonder if they will be able to find it, in this area of tangled woods, rivers, heathland and small meadows or if it will join the illicit beavers and Nobody Mention the wild boar as permanent residents.

That's assuming, of course, that we don't have lynx already.  I know the previous owner of the zoo was convinced that there were wild lynx in the area, but he was a bit nutty, so I'm not entirely convinced that the lynx he thought he had seen signs of weren't actually his own lynx who had popped out for a wander about before going home for lunch. :-D  On the other hand, the Legendary Dartmoor site has a very jolly list of big cat sightings on the moor, so who knows?  Maybe this one will join a breeding population.  After the Dangerous Wild Animals act in 1976, a number of cats of various kinds were released by private owners who were unable to meet the new license requirements, and some people think some of them have naturalised.

I just hope that if they do catch a lynx, it matches the description.  We had an incident a while ago with an escaped beaver, which when recaptured had apparently become several years younger and changed sex, which was just confusing for everyone :-D

I can live with wandering lynx, but I do hope they will keep a careful eye on the jaguar. 
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There was a change to the law recently which said that all dogs in the UK must be microchipped, and that the microchip record must contain the details of the current owner.  This came as a nasty surprise to the many dog rescues which had been keeping all the dogs they rehomed, microchipped with their own details, and consequently had thousands of dogs microchipped with one set of contact details - but the law was well overdue.

Dog rescues (in my opinion, and I have some experience with them) typically do not have the internal data management systems in place to keep in touch with all their adopters, let alone being able to update the contact records when the new owners move or go on holiday.Read more... )Read more... )
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Yama Bungle developed a lump on his back, which tested as a benign but potentially growing tumour. So we decided it would be best to get it removed, and he went in for the operation yesterday. We steeled ourselves afterwards, and did not take the cone off his head until the next morning. But he was so distressed by it, I caved this morning and took it off. I honestly don't think he slept all night with it on, and surely he's not going to heal well if he doesn't sleep? I think it was hard for him to drink too.

And he hasn't so far shown any inclination to nibble his stitches, so as long as he doesn't (and surely, SURELY he can't reach them?) it's all good. He's been asleep pretty much non-stop since I took the cone off, supporting my theory that he spent the previous night bumping around the place, poor little chap.

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Footie cat likes to sleep so close to the fire that I keep moving him, in case he sets fire to his whiskers.  Rosie and Brythen are holding paws.

Meanwhile, Henning cat is lurking darkly in the corner of the room, muttering into his whiskers about how it's all just sickening.

I think I've given up on reviews of the year and resolutions. My year was a curate's egg, and I think I wrote many of the good bits in this journal anyway, and always forget my resolutions, so there's no point making them. (Watch me now forget I resolved that.  In fact, I shall tag this resolutions so that if I make resolutions next year, I can click on the tag and laugh at January-me. 
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Above, Exhibit A, His Hegnificance Henning 1, AKA The Problem.

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How do they *know* what food they are supposed to eat, so they can refuse to eat it...? )

Brythen's Weird Fears: Only Towels Left to Go. Plus, Rosie Roo & Scentwork )

I'm enjoying reading about all the finds at Saveock Water archaeology: seems to be a very strange and interesting site, with 17th century 'witch pits', a crystal-studded neolithic hearth, a votive pool, ancient tin smelting and recently they found some aurochs footprints!  I'd rather like to go and do a dig holiday there, but I don't see that I can really spare the time, alas.  But they do have 'taster days' starting this year, so maybe I could at least do one of those.   It's out West past Truro, but not too far to go in a day, I think.  
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Yesterday I slew most of a giant buddleia bush, which was infested with an interesting quantity of fungus.  Henning and Bob the Robin both showed considerable interest in proceedings. 
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Footie, our 17 year old grumpy tabby cat (he's the short haired one) has been diagnosed with kidney failure.  Apparently kidney failure goes in stages, 1-4, and Footie is at Stage 3.   Fortunately, we don't have to try to get daily pills into him (getting pills into Footie is an extreme sport).  He will need a prescription food, but he's quite an enthusiastic eater, so I hope that will not be a big problem.
Henning and Footie
Henning menacing poor Footie with his hairy hairy presence.  
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Summer time, and the windows and doors are open.  The first time I saw the vole zoom across the floor and take refuge under the sofa, I was a little surprised, but assumed it had been imported by a cat.  Then I thought that it has been a long time since any of our geriatric cats bestirred themselves to hunt, so this seemed odd.

This afternoon, I surprised the vole half-way up our Ikea shelves, tucking in enthusiastically to a small bar of chocolate it had found there that I had put safely out of reach of the dogs.

I now believe it to be not a sad Victim Vole, carried in by predators, but  a bold Raiding Vole, nipping in through the french doors in the hope of finding loot.

Definitely a vole.  Not a rat, not a mouse. Vole: little round face, short tail. 


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