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Some of the vegan truffles we made as presents.  Well, technically the thing on the left is a coconut limeball. But the rest are truffles.  We ended up with rather a lot of them left after we had put the gift ones all in boxes.  What a tragedy.

I made most of the family Festive Guineapig cards this year (because I started with one card for my sister, who is vegan and a guineapig enthusiast, and sort of got a bit carried away.   But I didn't photograph those because I finished them rather late.  I really liked them as pencil, but ended up rather rushing the colouring, which is definitely the part of painting that I need to stop and think about carefully.  I'm Ok with drawing shapes quickly, but shading and colours are harder.
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It's been a few years since we went out and bought a Christmas tree, but this year we went out into the garden and found that it had been gardened so thoroughly that there were no reasonable-sized holly trees left.  So we bought this fir tree - I think it's a noble fir.   I feel faintly guilty, although really it is no different to buying, say, a cabbage.   Fortunately, the cats are all old and staid now, so I don't have to worry too much about them climbing it.

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On Tuesday, it stopped raining.  So we went to try to find the Excelsior Tunnel in Deerpark Wood.  The Excelsior Tunnel was originally designed to be two miles long, and to connect to the Kit Hill summit mineshaft about 600 feet below the shaft opening on the hilltop.  But like so many mining endeavours, it failed half-way, and was never completed.    Later, the tunnel was used by the excitingly-named UK Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, which was trying to work out if it was possible to tell from a distance if someone made a Really Big Bang deep underground.

Sadly, we didn't find it, although I'm pretty sure we must have walked right past it.

We did find: a cow with a comical expression.
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In other news, Brythen really loves his new squeaky Christmas robin.

Happy New Year!
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On Christmas Eve, I made

an illustrated Oldies Club Twelve Days of Christmas
!  Pity I didn't have a bit more time to clean up the shapes, but given how quickly I drew these I thnk they've come out quite well.
I shall always remember foster dog Boblington Bob, who was very confused about living in a house anyway, and could not understand why watering the Christmas tree was not encouraged...

Yesterday we cooked a goose and entertained our parents (and elderly whippet) to lunch. Turns out that a 17 year old whippet is able to eat a quite unfeasible quantity of goose. I was amused by his huge eyes bulging in awed delight at the sight of YET MORE GOOSE approaching his quivering nose.

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Yesterday morning, while carefully walking down steps to favour my knee that I had previously whacked on a granite boulder, I managed to catch a step with my other foot, and twist it agonisingly. Pants.

Today we took the hounds to run about and chase rabbits, which they did with enthusiasm... only Rosie somehow found her way into the middle of a thicket and got stuck. So I had to go in and fish her out, which I did very cautiously, without knackering any further body parts. Hurray!

Only for Brythen to turn up at 30mph and body-slam me on the back of the knees, knocking me flying into a mud-patch. An excellent quality of mud, however, is that it is soft, so no harm was done except to my dignity as I lay on my back wiggling my limbs skyward like a downed tortoise.
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Fell over on this morning's dog walk and bashed my knee quite hard on a granite boulder.  Seriously Ow.  STILL Ow.  Stupid boulders.

But at least it was sunny, so time to slaughter a tree and drag it into the house.  This involved some serious sawing (note to self, really need new blade for the bow saw!)   We chopped quite a lot off the bottom before we dragged it to the house, but once we'd got it there, it was clear that we had quite ludicrously overestimated.  But that was OK.  After all, it's easier to chop it off than stick it back on.   More sawing required...
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Dec. 26th, 2014 11:49 pm
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Our holly tree, decked, somewhat gruesomely from a certain viewpoint, with carvings made from the corpses of previous trees.
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Watching Doctor Who yesterday, I learned that Santa considers the tangerine to be his signature gift.

When I was a child, I'm pretty sure that Father Christmas (not Santa) brought a satsuma, not a tangerine.   I love satsumas.  I buy bags and bags of them when they are in season, and eat them until I start feeling really quite orange.  It's surprising, but sort of charming too,  that in an era when you can buy all sorts of fruit out of season all year round, the Season of the Satsuma is so short.

What I think of as a satsuma is Citrus Unshiu and although that Wikipedia entry doesn't mention it, I'm sure I've read an article saying that this particular fruit is disproportionately popular here in Britain, where we like the sweetness and the ease of peeling, and have less stern and demanding tastebuds than other nations who apparently are more likely to prefer more subtle and less sugary citruses. So, we give them at Christmas: hence the 'Christmas orange' name.

What I think of (and I *think* generally what greengrocers and supermarkets sell as tangerines, is Citrus Tangerina - a pleasant enough fruit, but not quite so easy to peel, and the skin has a different texture and flavour (I like the skins too!)

[Poll #1993464][Poll #1993464]

Incidentally, I just learned from that Wiki article that a mature satsuma tree is hardy down to -9C.  -9!  It NEVER goes to -9 here.  I wonder how much frost protection they need before they get big....? 
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Last year's holly Christmas tree turned out to have a little dragon sleeping inside it.  A little dragon with a very twirly tail.  He seems more of a Pratchett dragon than a Tolkien one to me.
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Pp began the celebrations by decorating his face.  I have an impulse to hang tiny baubles from the absurd tips of this moustache, but have so far failed to find sufficiently tiny ones.
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The rescue that both Mollydog and Brythen came from,  Greyhound Rescue West of England, wanted to do a video for the end of the year, and I volunteered to help pull it together and sort out the captions and things.  It's just happy ever afters really.   You may recognise the cover gentleman. :-)

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I went for a relief carving this year rather than a figure, cos relief carving is easier, and have made, on the one side, a Lonely Mountain, and on the other side, a dwarf he tree was holly, so I've tried leaving the bark on the sides, although I'm not sure if it will fall off as the wood dries. It's quite a diddy little thing, only about an inch across, as the tree was pretty slender, and it does have a bit of an unintended curve to it that I should probably have tidied up if I hadn't decided to leave the bark on. 
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The Big Puppy was very, very excited about Christmas. He managed to steal two of his Christmas presents early - one when we went out to see 'the Hobbit' and another when I was actually wrapping up! I stole them back, but we shelved the original idea of letting him unwrap his own presents. It seemed clear that if he were encouraged to start unwrapping, nothing in the house that was made of paper would remain in one piece for long...

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Ho ho ho

Dec. 24th, 2012 07:27 pm
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Merry Christmas all!
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Last year's Christmas tree had quite a wiggle to its trunk. I wanted to catch that wiggle in the decoration that I carved from it. In my head this was a 'dancing' wiggle, and so I tried to make a dancing figure, to stand for Cottia dancing in this post-Eagle of the Ninth story that I wrote.  

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On Saturday...
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On Sunday...
Things were more relaxed than they might have been due to all the huge amount of pre-emptive chopping that had occurred. 
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On Monday
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I'm afraid that Bob found Christmas rather too much for him. He coped surprisingly well on Christmas eve when we went over to visit pp's parents, and apart from spilling a bit of gravy on the floor when offered left over pork and roasties, was generally very good. 
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I think the time has come to accept that [livejournal.com profile] philmophlegm  & I have failed on the christmas card front this year. No real reason, just randomness. But we wish you a Merry Christmas anyway.

Looking at my Christmas tag, I note that back in 2004 I was amazed by the arrival of snow.  A few years on and it's starting to seem quite normal.  Where was all this snow during the Christmases of my youth when I desperately wanted snow and it never came???
This year it was still here in spadefuls!  )
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This was the Christmas of ice and spillages.

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