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I'm just noting this hoard of coins discovered near Hayle that date from 253AD to 274AD.

That's a lot of coins a very long way West.  I wonder what they were doing there.  Seems very Cornish that they were in a tin, not in a ceramic pot.  We don't historically do a lot with ceramics down here. 


Jul. 11th, 2017 06:01 pm
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An old friend is on holiday in Cornwall, so we agreed to meet up and wander around Tintagel.
I don't normally venture to a touristic spot in July!  It was busy. (I knew it would be, so for possibly the first and last time in my life, I actually arrived somewhere first and had to hang about. Fortunately, there are lots of places to get icecream in  Tintagel, and about 999999999 friendly dogs to talk to, so I was well occupied eating icecream and petting friendly dogs.  I could have quite happily done that all day.

The tide was low, so we went and had a look in Merlin's Cave:

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Promises the Libdem election leaflet of one Matthew W.

No you won't.  There is no scenario where you will descend out of our Eastern hills into the West, falling upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of Truro with Fire and the Sword. Nor do I want you to.   For that matter, how do you know they are even wrong?  They might be right!  I might be wrong!   Also, if you are fighting for me, then very likely you will have to fight, not against the wild raiders of Penzance or the solemn townsfolk of Truro, but against the annoying man up the road that thinks it's appropriate to control growth of a cornish hedge by spraying it with weedkiller.

... I don't think election leaflets are aimed at me.

Must look up what eldrich horrors Mebyon Kernow (Sons of Cornwall) are promising.  Possibly they really are promising Fire and the Sword.
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Coming back down into the village, looking west towards the sunset through an oak tree.  I love the golden colour of oaks coming into leaf,and Brythen is such a wonderful long-legged curvy shape.
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Last weekend, we went south to the sea for a few days.  Admittedly that's not very far away: one thing we are not short of in Cornwall is coast, but it makes for a nice change to wake up by the sea.   We were staying in a hut on the cliff (when I say hut, that's what it introduced itself as.)  This was the view from the garden, on the first morning.  

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These photos have been lurking on my camera card since my birthday a couple of weeks back.   We had a trip up to the North coast of Cornwall for a change, and went up a cliff.

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I had to go to Tutwell.  It's close enough that I could have walked, if I'd had all day, but I did not so I took Helga the Saab.  For some reason I took photos on the way home. Read more... )
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Although while I was wandering past, the postman came past in his van, so I deduce this may be not so much a complete 20-week road closure, so much as that fine Westcountry tradition, the road sign aimed at People Not Us.   We, the people who live here and are prepared to take a gamble on a small risk of having to reverse for half a mile through the mud, may pass.    Although this isn't going to my village, so this sign actually IS aimed at me, since I am, in this particular context, Not Us.   
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I just drove past the old railway embankment where the Terror Goat brought fear to Rosie and Brythen a couple of days ago, and can report that it has ESCAPED.  Its enormous shaggy form is now wandering free among the old mine buildings, munching on brambles and looking ridiculously smug.   If it jumped off the railway embankment then it has survived a 20ft fall, but I suppose that is nothing to a goat.
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In other news, I'm still writing that 'what if Feanor didn't go to the Halls of Mandos after his death' story, only it has sort of segued into the Silmarillion from the Feanorian point of view that I have vaguely thought of for years but had always thought would be too long and boring to write.  Apparently I am now writing it.  I can tell you are gripping your chairs with excitement :-D

In further random animal news, I have just stopped Yama Bungle cat from trying to climb up the chimney.  I don't know if he can actually get up there, but I'm not keen to find out that he can and has got stuck.  I guess this means he is feeling better. 
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I thought I'd run out of the most conveniently located Random Mines of the Day near my house, but I'd managed to completely miss Wheal Sheba, near Luckett.

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Aug. 20th, 2016 12:02 am
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Every year, Plymouth hosts the British Fireworks Championship, in which six professional firework companies compete over two days.  You can go and watch for free from lots of places all around the city : a couple of times, Pp and I have sat on Plymouth Hoe to watch, which gives a pretty good view.  But from the Hoe, you can't help noticing that the best vantage point of all for seeing the fireworks is from a boat on the waters of Plymouth Sound...  So this year we arranged to do that.  It sounded like a great idea, up to a few days beforehand, when the weather forecast for that day went to 'rain, possibly thunderstorms'.

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I ran out of space on my camera memory card at the beach yesterday.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, since at the moment my camera is a bit crippled.  I dropped it on the path and the view-screen bit cracked.  It still works but it has a big starburst in one corner which does make it a bit hard  to focus.  I think it should be possible to remove the broken screen part of the device and replace it, but I haven't done anything about that yet.   Anyway, I have almost cleared out my camera card and here are a few shots from it.

A couple of weeks ago we went up onto Dartmoor, intending to have a cream tea at the Two Bridges Hotel.  But it was closed for a wedding.  So instead we parked at Pork Hill and walked up Cox Tor with the hounds.  Here is Pp when I made him look after all the hounds so I could take photos.  I suspect Pp of being secretly pleased I dropped my camera so there will be fewer moments like this one :-D
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 I voted.  The dogs came too.  Carlos tried to steal the poll station bacon butties.

I seem to remember last time there was a poll, I mentioned that I thought the polling station was an old Nissan hut people asked for photos, so here it is:
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We bought tickets ages ago to see a Fleetwood Mac tribute band (Fleetwood Bac by name) down at the Minack Theatre, which is a cliff-side theatre down at the far West end of Cornwall.  Yesterday lunchtime, as the cold rain sleeted down and the wind wailed, this felt like a really bad idea.   But the Minack seemed to think that things were not quite so awful at their end of the county, although the rain splodges on the webcam were not encouraging.  So, we (chainmailmaiden, pwibethran, pp and me)  gritted our teeth, resolved to be British and Not Put Off By a Spot of Rain,  and set off.Read more... )
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Actually, this isn't an entirely random mine because I actually went looking for this one.   I had hoped that I might find some bluebells in the woods too, but it turned out that something rather terrible had happened to quite a bit of the wood...
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Nothing urgent to do today, so I decided to take the hounds to look for bluebells.
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This Random Mine is another fairly small one, and there seems to be some confusion about it.Read more... )
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Sitting here waiting for a near-endless upload to finish uploading, so let us have a Random Mine.

I went past this mine this morning.  You may have to click to embiggen to see that there are actually two chimneys there - the naked one on the right is clear, but I am fairly sure that the thing on the left that looks like a tall dark tree is also in fact a chimney, thoroughly shrouded in ivy.   There's an engine house in there somewhere among the trees as well, although I couldn't see it so it may well be impersonating an ivy-covered bush.
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Western Power are doing something to our electrical supply, in which cause, they turned the electricity off at 8:30 on the dot this morning. All over the village, there were men in hi-vis shinning industriously up and down poles, diggers, vans, and there was even a trailer filled with vast reels of delightfully sparkly copper wire.
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The electricity did not come back on again till well after 6pm. I had just despaired that it would ever return, and boiled my camping kettle on the camp stove to make coffee. At the very moment that the whistle on the kettle blew, the electricity returned at last. They are supposed to be doing it all again tomorrow, so I may try making Emergency Camping Stove Coffee earlier tomorrow. Just in case it works.
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Old Gunnislake is an unusually elderly mine, being already busily producing copper at the end of the eighteenth century.  The Heritage Gateway declines to guess when it was first worked, but Aditnow boldly guesses at the sixteenth century.   That means, it's from before the days when someone thought 'Hey, we should make some sort of record of where all these tunnels go'.  Which is why buying a house in Gunnislake is just a little like russian roulette, because Old Gunnislake mine is now underneath a bunch of houses.   In 1992, they lost a couple of electricity poles down a hole that opened in someone's back garden.  At least it *was* in the garden.  It turned out that that shaft had supposedly been capped with concrete, but 'no details remained' of exactly *how* it was capped.

There are a number of documented shafts and lodes plus Gribble's Shaft, which is apparently 'unlocated'.  I hope it's not under this rather nice weathercock.

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