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In the event of sudden overwhelming attack on, say, RAF Benson, by, say, the serpent-spawn of hell,  do you think that the crews of the Chinook and Puma helicopters stationed there would:

a) Attack the serpent-spawn, even though the helicopters are not really designed for that sort of thing  (and I am not sure if they are even armed with anything that would be likely to give serpent-spawn anything other than very momentary pause).

b) be used to evacuate and flee the base, assuming that they have maybe three hours notice, tops, and certainly would not be able to remove everyone living there.

You can assume that they are not getting any orders from the MOD.  I've already dealt with them.

Supplementary question inspired by [livejournal.com profile] dhampyresa :

In the event of serpent-spawn infesting London and the French using their nuclear submarines to attempt to put a stop to the serpent-spawn before it moves across the Channel,  how much of Northern France would become uninhabitable? 
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On Friday I took the hounds for a walk in the woods.  Rosie decided that my choice of route was not the same as hers.  And she looked at me down her long nose, ignored me calling and just *went*.   I don't think she was even chasing anything.  She'd just decided that my company was uncongenial.   And she vanished.   After I'd searched for an hour, I met a family walking their dog who said they had seen her in Latchley.   So I walked to Latchley, but there was no sign of her.  In the end I picked up the car and went home for reinforcements, only to find that she had arrived there about 3 minutes before me, having taken her own route home.   She was delighted to see me and bounced all over the place!   And she was still wearing her muzzle, and no sheep along the way appear to have been bothered, so I got away with it.  But this Really Will Not Do.

This sort of thing is exactly the reason that some years ago I concluded that although Salukis are very attractive dogs, I didn't really want to own one.  And now I have... well OK, not really two.    And thank heavens, Brythen (now he has grown up!) has turned out to be just the kind of gentle reliable dog I thought he was going to be.  Thank goodness he is only 1/4 saluki.

You'd think butter wouldn't melt, wouldn't you?

I've made some liver treats, and we are back to working harder on practicing recall training again.
Positive reinforcement is supposed to work on all organisms.   Even Salukis, eventually...
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1) The Wandering Whippet
All this week, our village has been distracted by a mysteriously appearing whippet wandering the main road through the village, all the way from the pub all the way to our other main landmark, the postbox.
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2) The Woeful Lurcher

I walked down to the river this evening.  Such a wonderful evening, sun shining through the trees, the dogs were being so good, staying close and coming back to check in regularly.
photo )
Rosie decided to race about for fun, and Brythen joined her.  They were having such fun.  And then Rosie doubled back, Brythen tried to follow,  ran into a tree and laid his shoulder open.  Poor big lump, he was crying and crying. :-(

Fortunately, once he'd got over the first shock he was able to walk, more or less.  I'm not sure I could have carried him up that slope.  Even more fortunately, I was in the one tiny patch of the Tamar Valley that by some freak of mobile networking  actually has a phone signal, so I was able to call Pp, who brought the car down as far as possible to pick us up.  

Woe dog with hole. )
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I went to install Eudora on this new computer, to find that even Eudora OSE, the Thunderbird-driven thing which replaced Qualcomm's original Eudora software, has finally passed away.

I've been using Eudora for my email since 1995!   *weeps*

I feel as I would if I had just discovered that you couldnt' buy a kettle any more.  
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My mother's house is, strictly speaking, in Devon, not Cornwall, but it is close enough to Cornwall to fall into what it is tempting to call the Cornish Emmenthal Zone - ie, the area that is riddled with subterranean tunnels all over the place.  So, of course when she bought her house, she had a mining search done, to check it wasn't on a mineshaft.  Unfortunately,  the gamble you take when you live on a Swiss cheese, is that your house isn't on a mine that was dug before about 1820, when it occurred to someone that actually making records of where all the holes were might be a good idea.    Anything dug before that time is mostly unrecorded, and may leap out and bite you on the bum.

The parking area outside her house had 'sunk' a bit, and been filled in, and now it has 'sunk' again, and she was all poised to have it filled again, when a helpful relative of the builder pointed out that actually, when the ground keeps disappearing in Swiss Cheese land, it might be worth investigating.  So, she got the Cornish Mining guy round, and he has poked spikes into the ground, and thinks there is probably a Shaft.

So now she is being advised that she needs to get the Cornish mining people to come and drill, at a cost of two grand (plus a skip for the debris, and making good afterwards, whatever THAT is likely to involve).  And her insurance company say 'do nothing as the shaft is not actually under the house' - which seems something of a leap of faith, and surely an area right outside the house and surrounded by it on two sides, that you walk past to get to the front door, is close *enough* to the house to be at the very least, something of a worry.   The mining bloke has told her not to walk over it!

Note to self: find out name of insurance company so that if my Mum and her house disappear into the Shaft, I will know who to blame.  
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I can still hardly believe this.  Suma Bungle died today.
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Mar. 24th, 2013 10:08 pm
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It is a stupidly cold spring - freezing winds which somehow do not manage to freeze the endless mud -  and our two-year-old boiler has just died.  Woeisme!   At least we have escaped the snow. Feels like it has been winter since approximately last June.


Sep. 18th, 2012 11:50 pm
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is it that when I think to myself 'Right!  Time for bed, so I can rise bright and early tomorrow!'  I inevitably find myself having to do something like scrub paintbrush cleaner off a furiously growling and savagely angry Bungle? 

I think the Bungle is OK, having been scrubbed enthusiastically under the tap. Right. Now I AM going to bed.


Apr. 26th, 2012 10:24 pm
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I have definitely spent MORE than enough time this week, pretending to be a human being.  MORE than enough.   The illusion is, frankly, wearing thin. 

I did a hedge survey course today.  2 injured out of 18 course attendees during a short walk along a muddy lane, 1 of them needing X-rays seems like some sort of record.   Clumsy sods these human beings. 

There was free food!  Including excellent carrot cake!   And I learned to identify hedge bedstraw, and how to tell a spindle tree when it's not fruiting.   I feel I learned less about landscape archaeology, as mostly that section was strong on  'stuff we can't be sure about'.  But that is a form of learning of a sort. 

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I wrote about undercover Romans, walked the dogs many times (Brythen now doing really well off lead, he really is such an easy dog!) watched some Crufts (the Cardigan corgi looked amazingly like Tommy! I wanted the Borzoi to win overall, but alas, was disappointed) decorated a jamjar with twirly polymer clay (no, I don't know why I did this, it seemed like a good idea at the time) watched a quite good science fiction film - Moon -  and did DIY: 

in which Painting of Walls is carried out, a Painful Lesson is Learned, and a Resolution is made )

The daffodils and camellias are well in bloom, and the primrose-yellow Azalea is over already. I've bought some seeds! They were impulse buys from Morrison's so not exactly carefully-chosen specials but still:
1) california poppies (last year they did so well strewn in the sunny spot along the driveway that I thought I had to give them another go!
2) mixed climbing nasturtians
3) container peppers for the greenhouse
4) basil (am not sure it is possible to grow too much basil...)
5) butternut squash

Now I desperately need to get out there and weed and plant!
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Cut for bodily fluids and dog castration.  )
EDIT: Thurs. Mollydog has continued to be sick on and off today, and this afternoon she got up and then fell over :-( She has been to the vet and had an antiemetic jab: if that doesn't work she will have to go back tomorrow for X-rays.
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I strongly recommend you avoid dropping a laptop on your toes. If you must drop a laptop on your toes, choose a small light one, not a 17" Vaio designed with blade-like sharpened edges and apparently lined with granite. 

Before you ask, YES the bloody laptop is fine! It landed on something soft.  It landed, in fact, at about lunchtime, and the toe still hurts!  Stupid toe. 

This afternoon, I did a homecheck for a Dog Rescue Myth -  the active retired couple with no kids, no pets, home a lot, real dog lovers with a fully enclosed garden, who live in the country with their own land. Every other dog owner who wants to hand a dog in seems to believe that we have an ample supply of these paragons, and I think this is the first time I have ever actually met them. They seem to be real after all, though I do wish there were a lot more of them.

Oh, also, on the topic of dog rescue?  Cesar Milan.  Just NO. I am SICK of dogs bouncing from homes that think they know about dog behaviour because they watched a couple of shows with that self-dramatising little wanker and decide to throw dogs on their backs or diagnose them with aggression that frankly, they have not got.  

Happy New Year all.  I hope the rest of 2012 will be less painful. Now I shall limp slowly and melodramatically away to have a bath. 

Oh drat

Sep. 8th, 2011 02:48 pm
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My mother has just called - she's now in a local rehabilitation unit  and was hoping to go home next week - to say that her doctor thinks she may have broken her leg when she broke her hip.   This is on the same leg, which also still has shingles. I may need to drive her back to Plymouth for another X-ray. 

I wish this had been noticed sooner, though I can kind of see that if you are looking at a leg that already has a broken hip and shingles, you aren't going to immediately assume that it's broken as well.   Bummitude.
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On Thursday...
when we were walking the hounds, we could see the Red Arrows performing in the distance at Fowey regatta. I don't know why this made the news today that one of them crashed seem more close, but oddly, it did.

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Aug. 11th, 2011 08:41 am
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Woes of varying severity.  )
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 We have had a bizarre leak in our house,  which sent water trickling down both sides of the kitchen window & through the wall.  It started last night, and we could not work out where it was coming from. First we thought it was rainwater coming in through the roof, then we thought it might be the loo, then the radiator, then the loo again: plumber was just about to start taking the floor up & knocking holes in the wall - when he finally worked out that it was being caused by a knackered old washer on the tap in the basin which had been standing innocently to one side pretending not to be involved.

"I feel like Columbo sometimes in this job' he told me, with enormous satisfaction.

Why do plumbers always SHOW you the knackered washer? Is one supposed to go round checking them every week or something?  What are you supposed to say?  (I always nod sagely but I have no idea if there is an expected response...)
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If you read my Monster Iceland threads you already know this, but I thought I'd like to make a separate entry of it.

Mollydog decided to take off running in a field while we were away, on thursday 3rd - nothing new about that, Molls is generally great offlead and always comes when called so I'd said that they could let her off, as she is used to that and I felt she would be frustrated if kept on-lead.  Unfortunately, this time she tripped and hurt herself.  They thought it was just a bruise at first as she seemed to recover, but the next day it was very swollen so they got her off to the vet.

I can't fault the dog boarding place at all over this: she could have done it walking with me, and they got her to the vet as soon as it was apparent there was real damage. They were also great about taking her back in as soon as they felt she wasn't doing so well, and keeping me thoroughly informed even though it meant calls and texts to a mobile phone outside the UK.

The diagnosis is a damaged ligament, but there is a worry that there is an infection, because she had a temperature and the hock was so swollen.  She has antibiotics, Metacam (better for a ligament injury than her usual previcox, apparently) and her leg is bound up - I'm taking her in tomorrow to get it checked and re-bound.   She's on complete rest: no walks at all and minimum exercise in the house.  I must say I was expecting her to take that less willingly than she has done, so I think she is feeling a bit under the weather, she really only tries to move about if someone she knows arrives at the house.   She will put weight on the leg, but not much, and she has tripped and fallen a couple of times.   I'm rather concerned that she is still so tender with it.

29 kg of greyhound is no joke to be lifting up and down steps and stairs: why don't we have a flat garden and a bungalow?!
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1) when installing a new door, always, always, install *the handle* as well as the mortice latch, before closing the door, even if you are just checking the mortice is in the right place.  I knew this, but did it anyway.

2) When fitting a temporary handle before fitting the mortice, consider the position of the receiving doodad on the wall, before you drill.

3) when commissioning new windows, never ever buy, as the only opening window in a room, a window which is smaller than you can comfortably climb through.

4) before climbing through the uncomfortably-tiny window after making above mistake when fitting door, pause carefully and consider the location of all the tools and gadgets you will require to remedy the situation.  Otherwise, repeated journeys may be required.

5) all the above go double if you are the only human being in the house.

Oh well, we now have a new door and doorknob.
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Our cooker hood stopped working. 
-I checked for possible solutions in the manual
- I looked on the web
- I disassembled the hood and took all the screws out to check for blown fuses and checked the wiring with my electrical screwdriver
- I couldn't work out why there was no electricity going to the thing at all. 
- I thought maybe my screwdriver electrical detector thing was broken so I experimented, and managed to explode it.  Now I need a new screwdriver.

Finally, I took everything out of the cupboards.  And found the sodding switch right at the back of one of them, that had got turned off through inappropriate positioning of the tomato ketchup.

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Today it was my task to feed my mother's cat. She lives on the edge of Dartmoor so I took the hounds with me, to walk them en route.
In which the weather mirrors my mood with eerie accuracy )


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