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Brythen had a very very exciting morning, with a lot of squirrels in it.  The squirrels were fifty feet or so up, but that didn't stop them being very exciting.  And now Brythen is rather sore and sorry for himself, and has a swollen bit behind one of his front legs.  I think we will have to take it easy for a few days.
 This was him coming back from the Land of Squirrels:
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He is coming back because I whistled him.
He is coming back, despite the fact that there was a red deer.
He is coming back even though he was in hot pursuit on the heels of the red deer and there were miles of woods ahead.
He did this twice today, having spotted two different deer running.
Each time he came back and said 'I am a good dog!'
I love my dog. 
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Yesterday I took Rosie Roo and Brythen to the vet for their annual checkups and vaccinations. Brythen is no more than averagely worried by strange people poking and prodding him, but Rosie Roo is the dog that has been known to suddenly take off vertically and hit people on the chin, or discharge her anal glands while screaming. Also, she is the dog about which I was told 'normally we'd admit a dog this thin with persistent diarrhoea and put her on a drip, but due to her temperament that's not possible'. Thankfully, she doesn't bite, but still, that level of fear is a bit of a problem if she ever does get ill.

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Because I reason that it is much better to meet sheep regularly behind a gate when expected, than sheep very occasionally and unexpectedly, I am taking the hounds regularly to visit The Gang of Six sheep who live down the lane.  We practice a bit of basic recall and I hand out biscuits for being calm around the sheep.

I'm pretty sure the sheep really would like some biscuits too, but I'm not sure that dog treats will agree with sheep.
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On Friday I took the hounds for a walk in the woods.  Rosie decided that my choice of route was not the same as hers.  And she looked at me down her long nose, ignored me calling and just *went*.   I don't think she was even chasing anything.  She'd just decided that my company was uncongenial.   And she vanished.   After I'd searched for an hour, I met a family walking their dog who said they had seen her in Latchley.   So I walked to Latchley, but there was no sign of her.  In the end I picked up the car and went home for reinforcements, only to find that she had arrived there about 3 minutes before me, having taken her own route home.   She was delighted to see me and bounced all over the place!   And she was still wearing her muzzle, and no sheep along the way appear to have been bothered, so I got away with it.  But this Really Will Not Do.

This sort of thing is exactly the reason that some years ago I concluded that although Salukis are very attractive dogs, I didn't really want to own one.  And now I have... well OK, not really two.    And thank heavens, Brythen (now he has grown up!) has turned out to be just the kind of gentle reliable dog I thought he was going to be.  Thank goodness he is only 1/4 saluki.

You'd think butter wouldn't melt, wouldn't you?

I've made some liver treats, and we are back to working harder on practicing recall training again.
Positive reinforcement is supposed to work on all organisms.   Even Salukis, eventually...
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How do they *know* what food they are supposed to eat, so they can refuse to eat it...? )

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I'm enjoying reading about all the finds at Saveock Water archaeology: seems to be a very strange and interesting site, with 17th century 'witch pits', a crystal-studded neolithic hearth, a votive pool, ancient tin smelting and recently they found some aurochs footprints!  I'd rather like to go and do a dig holiday there, but I don't see that I can really spare the time, alas.  But they do have 'taster days' starting this year, so maybe I could at least do one of those.   It's out West past Truro, but not too far to go in a day, I think.  


May. 6th, 2015 08:29 pm
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If anyone out there happens to be thinking of making liver cake dog treats, runs out of porridge oats and thinks, hey, the end of this bag of coconut flour has been kicking around for ages, let's use that : DON'T.  It will gum up your liquidiser.   TAKE WARNING.   It remains to be seen if the dogs will eat the coconutty treats.

I am feeling slightly under the weather in that way that produces very clear lucid multisensory nightmares.  Night before last it was a sort of horror movie futuristic prison ship,  last night it was Apocalypse, folllowed by the considerable embarrassment and nervousness that ensues when it turns out that the apocalypse is rather more localised than one had realised, and now there's a headless corpse in the back of the car and what on earth to do with it???

Still don't know who to vote for.  It's probably between Conservative and Lib Dem in my consistuency.  Labour don't have a hope and I don't want to vote for them and their deeply dubious Scottish National Party alliance anyway, I don't think the Greens are anywhere near being a serious party with workable principles.

Probably going Lib Dem, on the grounds that we could do with more people who are prepared to make practical compromises based on the realities in front of them and work with people they don't like rather than throw tantrums when they inevitably don't get all they want.   Only I'm not sure about some of their policies.  Bah. Maybe I should go Mebyon Kernow, and vote to enrich the entertaining diversity of Westminster.
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 Well, having carefully documented the first Six Days of Perdy, the experiment has been derailed by my managing to find a mug generous sighthound lover who has no cats, who was prepared to take Perdy in as a foster dog.
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It was a grey old day, very glum and misty, so did not bother with camera. I did remember to give Perdy and Rosie their melatonin (yay!) although was rather disheartened when Perdy then almost immediately had a wild barking fit at a couple of spaniels across the car park. Still, onwards and upwards.
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Forgot to give dogs their melatonin this morning again.  Both of them flew off the handle lunging,  barking and swearing at a pair of deerhounds and a Vizsla, drattit.

On the evening walk I did give them their melatonin pills before hand, and they were MUCH better with other dogs we met.Read more... )
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Pp's foster dog review is typically short and uncomplimentary: 'klaxon on legs' he says. 
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I always forget to take photos / video of the process of introducing dogs to cats, and then wish I had later. Sod's law says that this will be the dog where the process doesn't actually work, but I've taken photos anyway.  Need to read manual to find out how to get video off the new camera, as it seems non-intuitive.

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We have a new foster lurcher. She's an 8 year old lurcher called Perdy, who has been with Oldies Club on and off for about nine months, after being handed in by owners who were working long hours and felt she shouldn't be left home alone all day. She's had several foster homes and has been adopted, but quickly returned, and then her fosterer got ill, so she was in kennels. So she's had rather a run of bad luck.  It seemed like a nice well run kennels, and she very clearly liked the kennel staff.  In fact, she was not at all keen to leave, and was panting rather a lot from stress when I put her in the car.   But she has bashed her nose and cut it on the kennel wire.   I think that is very hard to prevent.  And I'm fairly sure she'd rather be in a house than a kennel in this weather, nice kennel or not.Read more... )
ETA : yay: just took her downstairs to pop into garden for a pee and there was no barking at the cats at all!  
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I've had a bit of a breakthrough with Rosie.  She seems more confident and less whingy.  She is eating much better, has put on a tiny bit of weight and started begging for food (for most dogs this might be a bad thing, but for a dog that is this hard to get food inside, it's excellent!).  Her manners have improved around other dogs (she's not perfect, but a lot better) and her recall seems better too.  She's more likely to focus on me when we are outside the house, and will even take treats (she went through a long period when she wouldn't eat much, and ignored food outside of the house.

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This morning, Brythen and Rosie both took off through the woods after, probably, a deer.   I did not see the deer, but squirrels don't go that far or that fast.   A few minutes later, just as I was starting to get really worried, Rosie came limping woefully back to me, filthy dirty and refusing to put one back foot on the floor.
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Editing on Tuesday to add : dogs to vet today for vaccinations.  Vet had to try four times before she got the vaccine into Rosie Roo, due to screaming, leaping etc.  At least she didn't explode her anal glands this time.
Rosie now weighs 20.1Kg, and Brythen weighs 29.5kg.  Big Boy Brythen. 


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