Aug. 15th, 2017 12:44 pm
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Someone out searching for Brythen found his body this morning.  He was in a field we had searched but in the middle where the long grass hid him.  I think he must have jumped into the field after a deer and had a heart attack almost immediately.

At least I know.   I've been out searching basically since Sunday and so have huge numbers of other people who all turned out to help.  People came from all around and drove up from Plymouth to help search and his poster was shared all over the country in case someone had stolen him.  I just wish, I wish they had found him alive.  

I'm trying to tell myself that it is better to know, and better to go quickly.  I should have done better keeping him safe. 

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This photo someone sent me makes me laugh, because Henry and I (I am in hat) are clearly so delighted to be meeting one another, and Henry's owner is just full of 'oh god, my dog is doing it again, I'll just stand here and wait'.

Henry was entirely adorable.  He was 9, I think, and had that just grey muzzle starting.  
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So, it turns out that if you are running a dog show with someone who has also never run a dog show before, there are a few non-obvious points.

1) tiny puppies under 6 months are not supposed to be in it.  Who knew!

2) Take a clipboard or something for each class so that you can see the full list of everyone who has entered without scrabbling madly through a notebook.

3) it's PHENOMENALLY DIFFICULT to remember which dog is which and which owner is which when you have 10 classes, most with at least 10 dogs in.

4) Labels for people to write their names on would be a good move.  Or write down the breed.

5) don't dogs come in a lot of shapes!

6) there are more miniature schnauzers in Devon than you'd think

7) it's best not to try to guess if it's a sprollie or a springer.  Just don't go there.

8) you may regret giving a prize to the nice old lady who then yanks her dog away rather too roughly by the collar.

 9) Try to make sure everyone gets a rosette. Having places 1,2,3,& 4 in all classes helps a lot with this.

10) I'm so glad I have a REALLY LOUD VOICE because there was no loudhailer and there was a band playing!

In other news, we gave Best in Show to the big brindle rescue lurcher called Mr Darcy.  Bull mastiff x greyhound x saluki, temperament to die for, my god, he was GORGEOUS.  I got lots of cuddles! 
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Last weekend, we went south to the sea for a few days.  Admittedly that's not very far away: one thing we are not short of in Cornwall is coast, but it makes for a nice change to wake up by the sea.   We were staying in a hut on the cliff (when I say hut, that's what it introduced itself as.)  This was the view from the garden, on the first morning.  

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I just caught this advert for James Wellbeloved dog food, and it gave me FLOODS of tears.

I don't feed this particular food to my dogs because it doesn't suit Brythen, but apparently their ad team know how to neatly press all of my buttons.

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A fabulous warm sunny day on Saturday.  I shall go for a long walk, I thought!  But when I got halfway up the hill, I remembered I still had a cold, and was very wheezy.  So I hastily rethought my route and paused to take some photos.  Here we are pausing, and admiring the early cherry tree.

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Today I was more ambitious and walked further, doing a walk that involves a steep uphill climb on the way home.  Oh lord, that was a mistake.  I have spent the rest of the day wrapped around a bath, a book and a lemsip.  So I still have not done the long walk I planned, but the hounds seem to be prepared to accept that I'm not quite up to providing a mega-walk today, thank goodness.  They are fast asleep. 
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We decided to go over to Mount Edgecumbe on Saturday, since the weather forecast was good.  Of course, when Saturday arrived, it was snowing, but we thought let's go anyway.  And in fact it was quite pleasant down by the sea, although it would have been a sunnier day today.  Here's the folly and Drake's Island and Plymouth in the background.

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Pp let Rosie out into the garden for her late-night pee.  20 seconds later I hear barking growling and snarling in the garden, but by the time I had got over there, there was silence, and before I could find some shoes, she came hurtling back in again, with a cut on her nose and smelling VERY STRONGLY of some animal musk.

It doesn't smell like fox, so after some thought, I conclude that Rosie has probably encountered a badger in the garden.  Thank goodness she got away with only a cut.

Go AWAY badgers!   Rabbits in the garden I can tolerate, but I draw the line at carnivores with honking big claws. 
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If Pp had not borrowed my car to take the Shop on the Borderlands to the Plymouth War-games show, I might have taken an Excursion, but as it was I just went out for a wander down the valley to admire the mist.  The snowdrops are almost out, but they're looking a little draggled.  But the mist and sky were beautiful.

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Pp, being a man with a keen appreciation of the things that are most important in my life, has bought me a late Christmas present of a pair of wellies!
They are Dunlop purofort wellies, which is the kind I had before, but these are the reinforced kind, so I hope will be a little more resistant to sharp tree-roots, sharp slates buried in mud,  unexpected lumps of granite and etcs than my previous pair.  Purofort is definitely worth paying for: these are both warmer than ordinary plastic wellies, and much more comfortable.  I walked a couple of miles in them today and they were FINE.

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The aftermath of a couple of miles walk in horrible mizzling rain:
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What else have I done this week?  Oh yes, we had lunch with my mother yesterday and I am stupidly behind on work as is fairly usual for December / January and really need to get my act together.   Despite this, and having resolved to work this weekend, I didn't.Read more... )
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Long ago, I was in Haye-on-Wye on what proved to be a bitterly cold and icy day.   Most of the shops in Haye-on-Wye sell books and book-related items, but books will not keep you warm (well, maybe they will if you buy enough of them to build yourself a house, but I was on holiday and therefore not inclined towards a longterm building project.)

But there was one shop selling hand-made woollen crafty items, and so I flung myself into it with gratitude, and, throwing economy to the wind in the interest of not actually freezing to death, I  purchased several items (knitted, if I remember rightly by Marches Matrons from Alpaca-wool).  I think I bought a scarf,  a pair of mittens, and this hat.  I am not sure what I did with the other items, but I still have the hat.   Usually I wear it with the flower at the back, because I feel the flower is somehow a bit too much on me.  Rosie, however, carries it off with style.
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Some of the vegan truffles we made as presents.  Well, technically the thing on the left is a coconut limeball. But the rest are truffles.  We ended up with rather a lot of them left after we had put the gift ones all in boxes.  What a tragedy.

I made most of the family Festive Guineapig cards this year (because I started with one card for my sister, who is vegan and a guineapig enthusiast, and sort of got a bit carried away.   But I didn't photograph those because I finished them rather late.  I really liked them as pencil, but ended up rather rushing the colouring, which is definitely the part of painting that I need to stop and think about carefully.  I'm Ok with drawing shapes quickly, but shading and colours are harder.
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A beautiful morning.  The shadows are long in the valleys, but up on the hills there are sunbeams.

Rosie disapproves of the shadows and insists on walking higher up the valley in the sun.
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10/10  : as a way of losing 5lb in weight in a week.
However 2/10 : as a general way to spend a week in December.  A grudging 2 points awarded on the grounds that the horrible thing does now eventually seem to be going away and hasn't actually killed me.  Would not, by choice, suffer again.  :-(

However, I did feel well enough today (finally!  I've had this thing since last Thurs!) to take Brythen over to join in with the supermarket collection that I had volunteered for a few weeks ago (for Forever Hounds Trust, which is what used to be Greyhound Rescue West of England).

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A frosty, sunny morning today and we went for a walk through Sheba Woods.

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Brythen had a very very exciting morning, with a lot of squirrels in it.  The squirrels were fifty feet or so up, but that didn't stop them being very exciting.  And now Brythen is rather sore and sorry for himself, and has a swollen bit behind one of his front legs.  I think we will have to take it easy for a few days.
 This was him coming back from the Land of Squirrels:
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Rosie in a sunbeam.  I forgot to take her muzzle and decided to let her go without for once, since I was pretty sure I was the only person on this path that day.  We didn't see anyone else at all, only squirrels.

Brythen posing.   Sometimes he picks just the right spot to stand and stare longingly at squirrels.
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And here are just some photos of pretty trees along my morning walks.  Mostly beech, although the first one has some sweet chestnut on the right too.  This first photo is all growing on old arsenic mine spoilheaps.
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Oct. 25th, 2016 09:35 am
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It is the time of year when 'getting up' means 'everyone race to the gas fire, she's turned it on!'  Including me.

Henning cat is just out of shot.  Yama Bungle is ... actually where is Yama Bungle?  Eating All The Breakfast, I darkly suspect.
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Because I am walking in shade a lot of the time since the valleys are so steep, so when you come up a hill into the light it feels a bit special.

Here is Brythen emerging from a Chasm.  I made him do it twice (with the aid of liver cake) because I missed him the first time but he did it so fast that I still didn't quite catch him coming over the lip of the Chasm.

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We canoed past the ruins of the old mining port New Quay a month or so ago, so this weekend I thought I'd see how hard it was to walk there.

Not too hard, it turns out, though you have to park in a car park much frequented by the insane downhill mountain bikers intent on throwing themselves down cliffs, and so I did not risk the hounds off the lead lest they should run up swiftly through the trees and make an accident.   Mr Ruggie is in the lead, because he's very unlikely to do that.
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