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I have just eaten two ripe figs off the tree.  They were sweet, too.  21st of October is, I think, the latest my fig tree has managed to fruit yet.

eta: ... LIES.  Apparently in 2006, I was picking ripe figs at the end of November!
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Yesterday it rained.  I had planned to garden, but the sudden downpours were too much. Instead we went wandering around Tavistock for several hours with the hounds (and took them to our favorite dog-friendly cafe for lunch).  I managed to get some more titanium white acrylic paint and then since the shop had an offer, I bought some silver, buff titanium, and Naples Yellow (which at least in the Windsor and Newton range seems to be quite a muted pinkish shade).     Foster Ruggie was quite tired out by town life, and fell fast asleep in the cafe, so Brythen and Rosie got to split a home-made burger and chips between them.  Brythen ate all the chips. Chips are not refined enough for Rosie Roo.

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But then in the evening I went and checked, and there were three ripe ones!

Today, based on a weather forecast of no rain and light winds, we had planned a long canoe expedition, but in reality (not in the alternative dimension that is weather-forecast-land) it has rained pretty much continuously since 8am, and shows no sign of letting up.  I'm guessing this is the rain that was forecast for yesterday, then, given that yesterday's forecast was for rain which failed to show.

I and the dogs all got very wet on the morning dogwalk, and getting wet again in a canoe seems an uninviting prospect, even though it would give me a chance to test the bailer that I cunningly made from an old paraffin jug.  Tomorrow, perhaps.

Since we dutifully cleaned all the things yesterday when we could have been canoeing,   today looks like a day of writing and drawing all the things instead.  Hey ho!
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Morning on the Tamar, and *no rain again*
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Baffled yet delighted by the continuing absence of rain, I launched an offensive on the garden.  I have removed the figs that definitely won't ever ripen now, laid a stretch of hedge, and felled a number of hazel trees that had got overlooked because they are on an awkward bit of hedge to lay.  Now I feel very tired and stiff. 
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I always seem to take lots of photos of the garden in Spring, and then everything starts growing like triffids,  it all goes a bit aaargh and I don't take any photos after that.  So I decided today as I had taken down a tree I should take photos.

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Aug. 7th, 2015 03:51 pm
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I had decided today would be a Big Gardening Day, since it is dry, but not so sunny that everyone is bound to have their washing out. In order to celebrate, I lit a bonfire and began to slay things to put on it.

And now it has begun to rain!    I have retreated inside to drink Beer and hope that the rain will go away before it puts my bonfire out.

On the plus side : two ripe figs this morning. 
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The garden has been becoming slowly less garden and more jungle.  I quite like it a bit overgrown: I prefer that to the kind of garden where each plant is surrounded by a neatly-raked border of empty brown earth, or everything is covered in gravel.    I like the birds to have space, and to have bees and dragonflies and random flowers popping up everywhere.

But my mother visited recently and left wagging her head and saying 'I don't know what can be done about your garden'.   And she does have a point. The worry that one day we will not actually be able to get beyond the patio without a machete is a real one.
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I just popped out to grab a fig off the fig tree, and for the first time in weeks and weeks there are no ripe figs at all!

For August, the weather seems oddly Octoberish. 

First Figs

Jul. 31st, 2014 05:04 pm
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Two ripe figs today: the first of the year! 
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The garden is still rather Brythenned : holes, random bones and once-floofy toys with their insides hanging out horrifically, that sort of thing -  but there are a few bright spots.Read more... )


May. 4th, 2014 09:49 pm
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The Lonicera nitida is in full flower at the moment.  With its modest bushes and small creamy-greenish flowers, nobody would accuse Lonicera Nitida of being excessively flashy, but as a member of the honeysuckle family it has a lovely scent, and seems to be deeply beloved of the bees.

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This bee- attraction makes the plant not beloved of poor Brythen, who loathes buzzing things and looks sideways at the Lonicera nitida and sits worriedly on his bottom whenever he goes near enough to hear the bees at work.

I don't seem to have noted many garden updates this year, although I've taken lots of photos.  I think the figs are ahead of where they were last year, I note that I did a fig update on 19th May 2013 with a photo showing figs at a stage very similar to these. Read more... )
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In other news, Az seems (she says, very tentatively) to be once again staging a slow and wobbly recovery.  Getting him to eat is still quite a palaver, but the nighttime terrors seem to have stopped, and he's generally seeming more alert. So, thanks for all the crossed fingers!  I am trying to be very, very careful not to let him overdo things.

Things are looking less bright for poor Perl.  On Friday she seemed quite cheery and almost her normal brash shouty Liverpudlian self.  She even ate a reasonable amount.  But over the weekend she has been very quiet, and I've had no luck at all getting food into her, not even sardines or chicken stew (thinking on, I wonder if I should try her classic snack of burnt oven chips in ketchup?  Maybe not...  She is still drinking, but she seems very, very tired.

However, even now, she is a force to be reckoned with...Read more... )
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This weekend, I have made four jars of blackberry jelly, and am in the process of making rowan jelly too.   I have also made some blackberry whiskey.

The fig tree continues to be wildly productive, and had two more ripe fruit today, although I think the rate of ripening is slackening off now that the weather is getting a little cooler.

The apple trees have not done well this year.  I think I'm going to prune them fairly heavily this autumn, in the hope of bringing them back to productive life. 
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Four simultaneous ripe figs today on the fig tree! This is a fig record!
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1) a flaming VW camper van, well alight in the middle lane of the M5 motorway.  With an enormous queue of cars wondering how to get past it, and two sad-faced people standing on the verge, watching gloomily as their holiday went up in smoke.

2) A madman in a car, dodging at at least 90mph up the busy motorway in a series of maniac under and overtakings of the kind you normally only see in movies.

3) A great cackling crowd of geese flying overhead, not in the purposeful manner that geese have when they are on their way somewhere long distance, but swooping and playing and shrieking and barging joyfully, somehow reminiscent of dolphins.

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Is a bit terrifying really.

I know that actually having a big garden is a remarkable privilege, but none the less, sometimes it does feel a bit like someone has given me a dragon's egg.  Amazing and beautiful but also quite a lot of work and somewhat painful.  And you can't look away from the bugger for a minute!

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I think it may be time to admit that it is Aaargh Day. This is the day when suddenly all the growth speeds up until it is making a sort of roaring noise, and I have to admit that the garden is hopelessly out of control for the year and all I can hope to do is try to keep it from actually eating anyone.  I have not managed to do my New Years resolution 20 minutes of gardening a day, and this is terrifyingly obvious. One year, I may finally manage this.  But This is Not that Year. Read more... )


Aug. 20th, 2012 11:12 pm
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I picked some rowan berries last week, which are now in the freezer, becoming milder and more edible in flavour before undergoing transformation into rowan jelly.  There seems to be a bit of a shortage of crabapples this year - most of my favorite crab trees are completely fruitless.   I think this must be down to the dampness of the spring, though it may have something to do with the lack of summer sun, too.    But I did find one tree that had clearly managed to seize exactly the right moment to flower, so I have enough crabs to make jelly.

My apple trees - well, they have *some* apples on them. But not many, and they are rather small crabby efforts: I fear we will not get many eating apples this year.  I think I have to put it down to a bad year.   It's been a bad year for figs too - just not enough sun to ripen them. I've only had three ripe figs all year, and none of them were really dark and sweet.

Blackberries, however, are everywhere, and I filled half a tub with them on this evening's dogwalk before Yogi plastered herself in mud and we had to go and find the pond.   A lot of the blackberries are flyblown already - all this rain definitely favours the flies - but a walk down the west side of the hill into the sunset found enough worth the picking.  Going back up the hill, the sun had fallen below the level of the mounded clouds overhead, so a golden radience flooded in over the shoulder of Bodmin moor, illuminating a goodly number of berries that I had failed to notice on the way down.

I wonder about the flies that lay their maggots in blackberries, are they a special sort of blackberry-fly, or are they generic flies just taking advantage?


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