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Today it poured with rain, but the last week has had wonderful autumn sunshine. I always seem to forget to take photos of the garden in autumn, but on Saturday I remembered:   View from under the apple tree (I must trim the top of that hedge...)

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I have just eaten two ripe figs off the tree.  They were sweet, too.  21st of October is, I think, the latest my fig tree has managed to fruit yet.

eta: ... LIES.  Apparently in 2006, I was picking ripe figs at the end of November!
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Yesterday it rained.  I had planned to garden, but the sudden downpours were too much. Instead we went wandering around Tavistock for several hours with the hounds (and took them to our favorite dog-friendly cafe for lunch).  I managed to get some more titanium white acrylic paint and then since the shop had an offer, I bought some silver, buff titanium, and Naples Yellow (which at least in the Windsor and Newton range seems to be quite a muted pinkish shade).     Foster Ruggie was quite tired out by town life, and fell fast asleep in the cafe, so Brythen and Rosie got to split a home-made burger and chips between them.  Brythen ate all the chips. Chips are not refined enough for Rosie Roo.

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Jul. 3rd, 2016 10:35 pm
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Oddly tired at the moment.  Slept a lot this weekend, without really taking the edge off it.  Then tried to work, to catch up a bit on work not done last week, with not much success.  Meh again.  Let me try rummaging in my camera card, maybe that will be more successful.

Small triumph: the nasturtium tropoleum that I planted a few years ago still likes the garden, and has thrown up a string of brilliantly red flowers.  It has a reputation as a picky plant, so I'm pleased it likes it well enough to be fighting the rest of the garden successfully. Read more... )

Foster Carlos has also gone flomp. His dog bed technique has improved a lot since he first arrived and he has gone from flopping randomly over the edge of the dog bed to fitting himself inside it quite neatly.
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Jun. 7th, 2016 02:42 pm
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It seems to be remarkably hot and humid here at the moment, and I keep wanting to go to sleep.  I did manage to make myself mow the lawn, and got very hot and sticky doing it too.

But I could not bring myself to mow all the buttercups, so I mowed a little island around them.
I like the way the sunshine filters through the hedge to give them a golden light.

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Rosie Roo, expressing her surprise that the tulips which came from a bag labelled 'Yellow Tulips' have come up out a clear flame-red.
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Much hacking at the garden yesterday, and at present it's looking almost presentable:
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Suitably damp today with a very Welsh sort of mizzle falling.  I don't think we've ever had a St David's Day with more daffodils!  Usually I have to rummage on 1st March for a daffodil for Pp to wear, and often, only the very early 'February Gold' variety is in flower.  Not this year. 
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There's a camellia in full bloom down the lane, and primroses too, but these are all in the garden.
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I always seem to take lots of photos of the garden in Spring, and then everything starts growing like triffids,  it all goes a bit aaargh and I don't take any photos after that.  So I decided today as I had taken down a tree I should take photos.

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Wikipedia says that a bonfire is so called because it was originally a fire in which bones were burned, but it is not forthcoming about this.  When quizzed, it simply dumps you at Etymology Online which says the same thing in almost the same words.   This is a much better explanation.   I didn't put any bones on mine!

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Aug. 7th, 2015 03:51 pm
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I had decided today would be a Big Gardening Day, since it is dry, but not so sunny that everyone is bound to have their washing out. In order to celebrate, I lit a bonfire and began to slay things to put on it.

And now it has begun to rain!    I have retreated inside to drink Beer and hope that the rain will go away before it puts my bonfire out.

On the plus side : two ripe figs this morning. 
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The garden has been becoming slowly less garden and more jungle.  I quite like it a bit overgrown: I prefer that to the kind of garden where each plant is surrounded by a neatly-raked border of empty brown earth, or everything is covered in gravel.    I like the birds to have space, and to have bees and dragonflies and random flowers popping up everywhere.

But my mother visited recently and left wagging her head and saying 'I don't know what can be done about your garden'.   And she does have a point. The worry that one day we will not actually be able to get beyond the patio without a machete is a real one.
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We have some scaffolding on our house at the moment.  I have never previously had reason to inspect scaffolding in anything but the most cursory way, but as this is on our house, I got to go up the ladder and prance about on the plank platform.  I love it!  It's brilliant!  It's like having a balcony on the top of your house! The roof tiles are all warm and textured and they enfold the scaffold platform and block off the fierce winds, and you can peek over the roof at the views.

Ostensibly I went up there to take the opportunity to unclog the gutters, but really I was up there because it was lovely.  I had never realised until I did the gutters today that the roof tiles are very slowly rubbing away, like a pumice stone, as the rain and the moss work on them.  I am used to thinking of a roof as a single waterproof thing that goes above, but it's more than that, it's a tiny desert ecosystem, with grit wearing off it and birds flitting over it and moss forming lumps and in places even the odd seedling.

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It's been mostly a very mild winter here.  There's quite a lot in flower in the garden, and today was such a lovely sunny day I thought I'd photograph the flowers.
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Yesterday I slew most of a giant buddleia bush, which was infested with an interesting quantity of fungus.  Henning and Bob the Robin both showed considerable interest in proceedings. 
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First Figs

Jul. 31st, 2014 05:04 pm
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Two ripe figs today: the first of the year! 
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The garden is still rather Brythenned : holes, random bones and once-floofy toys with their insides hanging out horrifically, that sort of thing -  but there are a few bright spots.Read more... )


May. 4th, 2014 09:49 pm
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The Lonicera nitida is in full flower at the moment.  With its modest bushes and small creamy-greenish flowers, nobody would accuse Lonicera Nitida of being excessively flashy, but as a member of the honeysuckle family it has a lovely scent, and seems to be deeply beloved of the bees.

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This bee- attraction makes the plant not beloved of poor Brythen, who loathes buzzing things and looks sideways at the Lonicera nitida and sits worriedly on his bottom whenever he goes near enough to hear the bees at work.

I don't seem to have noted many garden updates this year, although I've taken lots of photos.  I think the figs are ahead of where they were last year, I note that I did a fig update on 19th May 2013 with a photo showing figs at a stage very similar to these. Read more... )


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