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Sometimes I listen to random music on Youtube in another tab and just see where the Youtube auto-feed thing takes me (weirdly often it takes me to Lou Reed, although often from wildly different starting points.)

Often my background music is interrupted by ads with music of wildly WRONG matching with the video, such as the awful, awful ad for Google's latest phone, and the ad for that awful Youtuber who believes in aliens.   I am very fast at swapping tabs to zap out of those ads.

But today I was served an ad of such consummate beauty that my tab-zapping was arrested, and I froze, mouth open, to watch it.  I seriously regret that I can't actually buy anything as a result of seeing it.  It fitted beautifully with the LOTR soundtrack I was vaguely listening to.

Here is the website it took me too. It's a travel site for a place I'd never heard of in Japan.  :  https://tohoku-japan.jp/    Should I ever go to Japan, I now want to go to Tohuku.
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Scrolling quickly through messages telling me which IP addresses have been autoblocked on various websites that I work on, because of dodgy-looking activity over the festive season, I notice that there is a sudden upswing in Russian and Ukrainian IP addresses.  (My sites are almost all hosted in the UK, because dealing with the data wrangles of hosting outside the EU is a headache I do not need).

Normally, attempts to get into my websites come largely from the USA and (inexplicably) France.   The orthodoxy, I believe,  is to assume that these US attacks are not really from the US, but are from US-based machines hijacked from Eastern Europe.  (I don't know about the French thing.  Nobody else seems to be specially targeted by the French, so I have seen no discussion on it).

I don't know what to make of the sudden prominence of Russian IPs.  Have the US authorities cracked down on the hijacked machines?  Are the new attacks reported as Russian and Ukrainian, actually now coming from hijackers physically located in the USA, in a kind of weird symmetry?  Is it entirely chance?

I'll probably never know.  I can only feel vaguely reassured that the software is doing its thing and nobody is complaining. 
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I am amused by this list of randomly generated hostnames that a server has just presented to me :

  • orophin.clareassociates.com

  • spock.clareassociates.com

  • sneezy.clareassociates.com

  • osgiliath.clareassociates.com

  • malbeth.clareassociates.com

  • rohirrim.clareassociates.com

  • laurelindornan.clareassociates.com

  • sneezey.clareassociates.com

  • mardil.clareassociates.com

  • amroth.clareassociates.com

... shouldn't that be Laurelindórenan ? I can forgive the accents, but it's missing an 'e', isn't it...?

Spock looks lonely among all the Middle Earth names, and I wonder why if adding Seven Dwarves to Middle Earth (surely an idea fraught with peril?) we got two versions of Sneezy rather than say Grumpy.   Or maybe one of the Sneezys is Bilbo in Laketown. 
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I wrote this intermittently through the day while waiting for things to transfer across the internet, half-expecting LJ to lose it, but it hasn't.  It's a bit rambling.

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The server and local PC backups are automated, of course.  But deleting them isn't, which causes me Issues.

One location my backup are stored at (I  have three lots of backups, each on a separate server belonging to a dfferent company) is on Amazon's S3 servers, at their Ireland datacentre*.  This service charges by volume of data stored.  So yesterday I was sitting there staring at the pile of lovely backups from April (each one a golden second chance to avert disaster or idiocy! Who cannot love a second chance???)

And I was thinking: probably I don't need 5 complete backups of absolutely everything from April. If I delete these, I will save money, and still have May and June. BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENED IN MAY OR JUNE THAT I'VE NOT YET DISCOVERED???

In the end I deleted all but one of April.  I also have a full backup from March, and January still lurking. This may be a form of hoarding.  Or it may just be prudence.  I can't tell.

my datacentre routing angst, let me show you it )
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I found this, with a little irony, in one of my email inboxes this morning : Why can't we read any more?

It doesn't say anything new, of course, but it encapsulates a problem I've had, and so have you probably.  Email. Usenet. Web based forums. Lj.  Twitter. Facebook.   I have got  a great deal out of all of it, of course, and have learned a great deal.  But I have also spent way too much of my time sucked into things that don't matter, getting cross about things I can't change and focussing on things that don't leave me feeling I've achieved much.

The only thing I can't agree with in that blog is that it presents books as an alternative to this, and I don't honestly think they are.  Books for me are subject to exactly the same addictive behaviour.  I can remember my parents in the 70's talking about the guilty pleasure of 'committing book' - ie getting sunk into a book when you should really be getting on with something else.Read more... )
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Does anyone have any opinions on great museum websites that you have run across recently?  If so, what struck you as good about 'em?  I'm on the hunt for ideas.

I do like the Ashmolean one - even if I'm not 100% convinced by the slideshow, the way they get a lot of good points for the museum onto the homepage without it looking cluttered is very nice.
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http://mwf2014.museumsandtheweb.com/paper/glam-and-the-free-world/ - Cory Doctorow.

"There are people who caricature this whole position
Who say that this a mere naive belief that “information wants to be free”
But I’ve had a long talk with information about this
We went away for a weekend in the country, drank white wine, cried and hugged
And when it was over, information whispered in my ear that it doesn’t want to be free
The only thing it wants is for us to stop anthropomorphizing it
Because information doesn’t WANT anything
It’s a mere abstraction
However, PEOPLE want to be free
And when the world is made up of networked information-processing devices, that human freedom can only be attained through a free, open, and fair informational infrastructure
Help us create it."
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I don't need to do this all that often, so it is quite irritating to me that I knew how to do this back in May, but I didn't quite finish the job for some reason, and then when I came back to it, I couldn't remember how I did it or find any notes about it. Grrr!

So, I figured out how to do it again. And now here I am making notes in public, where the world can Google it if they want to, and so can I.

I SSH'd into Server1, where I found the files I wanted stashed in this directory: /domains/t/h/thiswebsite.com/web/public_html

Then I checked Server2 to find out where I wanted to put the files. Ah yes, in /home/thiswebsite/public_html (different directory structure on Server2, just to make my life more exciting apparently).

So I did this:

scp -rp /domains/t/h/thiswebsite.com/web/public_html account@domainname.com:/home/thiswebsite/public_html

Only then I found that user account, on domainname.com did not have shell access. In a moment's foolishness, I switched to root access. But this doesn't work (fortunately) - you can't just scp right in when you are root. The thing to do was to change account@domainname.com so that he had shell access. So I did that, and it worked. Hurray! A pile of monster files copied direct.

more helpful instructions here.
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I started writing an entry about the Prism data leaks, to try to pull together my thoughts, which were more or less that the information being released seems to be so vague that it's hard to know what to think.

But then I found this article, which I think is the best summary I've seen so far.

The Guardian reporting is so woolly, it's kind of hard to work out what they are trying to say is happening, and the comments from British politicians I've seen so far - on all sides of the political spectrum - seem to be basically: 'I have no idea what this is or how it works, so here's my standard take on a general idea of censorship and state control of information according to my default political opinions'.

Edit : oh and here's a nice article showing how metadata could be used to identify individuals: Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere
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The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and I spent last night alternately shivering cold under a huge heap of blankets, then throwing all the blankets off. And aching.  And sneezing.  Should be working but brain refuses to engage first gear and keeps going back to sleep.  (It just took me 5 attempts to spell 'first'.)

I keep meaning to post about this smartphone.Read more... )

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Oooh, odd!

May. 30th, 2013 08:56 am
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Logged into LJ this morning and found all the menu options and links are in Cyrillic script - actually, I think they are probably in Russian, although sadly my Russian is non-existent, so I can't be entirely sure of that.

I assume that the wrong language has been associated with my account, and have reported it. It's an interesting insight into what it must be like trying to use those parts of the web built for monolingual English speakers, for someone with no English.

You'd think, too, given that I've had an LJ for tumty-tum years and use it a lot, that I would remember where at least some of the options were without a label cue, but no! Even the friends page link I got wrong!

I hope they can put it back, although I suppose if they don't, it will be an excellent educational opportunity for me to get some basic Russian... Right. Now which of these buttons is 'Post', I wonder? :-D

ETA - figured it out! It was my theme - I had language set to 'default' in http://www.livejournal.com/customize/options.bml 'default' presumably used to be English, and is now Russian. Thankfully, the customise page doesn't use my theme, so I could read it and change the language to English (UK). Still seems odd that this resulted in me getting my 'you have made a support request' acknowledgement email in Russian!

ETA No I haven't I thought that had fixed it, but then noticed that everything was in Russian if I clicked through to view someone else's full post including comments. And when I log in in another browser, I get 'Мы рады снова видеть вас в LiveJournal!' Ah well.


Apr. 23rd, 2013 09:18 am
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Yesterday my laptop decided that after living in harmony with Kaspersky Antivirus for ooh, at least two years, it could live with it NO MORE and would Blue Screen of Death repeatedly until the offending software was taken away.   I have fingers crossed that the tantrum is now over, and a long and peaceful relationship with Bitdefender instead lies ahead.

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ETA : apparently this post annoyed Phil, Prince of Insufficient Light, who darned me to heck for complaining about being able to communicate with the outside world by sending my car a puncture, so that I would be forced to use my mobile to summon assistance (I'm afraid changing tyres that have been put on with one of those powered wrench things is not something I feel likely to succeed at). It was not just a puncture, but a puncture to the one of the two back tyres that didn't need replacing anyway, too! Grrrrr.

And my laptop BSOD'ed again. Double Grrrrr.
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I think I could do with a rather more planned approach to keeping my skills up to date and expanding them than the normal (ie, help! help! I need to know this by yesterday, quick quick, learn it!)

So here are some online resources I plan to work through:
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Mar. 19th, 2013 02:16 pm
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I'm so sorry 2013. I'm afraid I still hate informational web video.

Video on the web is great for entertainment, to show off things that are visually spectacular or comic in a physical way. But PLEASE! How much of my life must I spend sitting through:

"Click. click. Great! Sooooo, ahhhhhhh, welcome, everyone.
Um, um, this is a showcase of [thing that I have already read on the screen six times while you have been umming]
I'm going to be shooooooooooooowing you [description of thing I am now already bored of] aaaaaaaaand ...[click] let me just start with some introductions. I am [name I ALREADY READ ON THE SODDING SCREEN, OK???] and I hold [job I already know about BECAUSE IT'S ON THE SCREEN] and also joining us are [people whose names I've read and I don't CARE about because how long do I have to wait for some actual informational content around here???]"

Grrrrrrrrr. Just put your notes on the web in text form! Honestly, my eyes are so much quicker than your voice!

ETA : it has just occurred to me that the word 'Showcase' in internet terms means 'Superficial and uninformative'. 
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[livejournal.com profile] philmophlegm and I have been working like blue-arsed flies lately: hence rather less posting than normal.    We decided that rather than move house, or end up with Pp having to take a job that he didn't really want that would pay not very much, we would try and make my business, which has been bumping along for a good few years now as a one-person business with occasional help from freelancers, into a two-person business.
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It's really annoying when you have to choose a 'memorable date' and the only options are in the 20th and 21st centuries.   I don't find those centuries particularly Memorable (as opposed to memorable, which is quite different) and I can never remember dates to the day of the month anyway, because I long ago decided that trying to remember and work out in my head which dates were from the Gregorian calendar, and which Julian calendar, and where the two swapped in various parts of the world was far to much work, so I always say gaily 'In June' or even better 'In the late spring of  1486'. That is Close Enough for Jazz, particularly when the person recording the date probably wrote it down wrong anyway.  

It's bad enough that you are never allowed to choose a date before 1000 because the systems always expect 4 digits. 
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Filling in an online insurance quotation form, I note that I could give my occupation as 'abbot', 'acrobat', 'cobbler', 'coal man', 'weaver' or 'riverman', or as any of 5 different sorts of Bailiff. I cannot, however, have any kind of web or internet job, for those jobs still, in 2012, do not exist.

Agonising among the computer jobs, I have settled for 'Computer Operator'. Operator! With the emphasis on the last syllable, I think. But I kind of wish I was a riverman (what exactly IS a riverman? It sounds like it might involve a lot of messing around in boats).

The jobs in the list sound much more fun than actual modern jobs.

ETA: I struggle with questions like 'what was the name of your first pet'? When I was born, my parents had a cat, Tigger, who I suppose was sort of my first pet, although really he was my parents pet not mine. But when I was four, I was allowed to choose the family's new puppy, Hearthrug - so that was more my first pet in that I picked her, although I didn't do much to look after her, so maybe my first pet was the rabbit (Bunnel) that I got when I was 7? Though 7 is quite young, so maybe my real first pet was the kitten (Willy) that I adopted as a teen? Or Kebbo, the rabbit that I had when I was first living away from home on my own??? SO HARD.
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Further to this post about my filter woes am delighted to report that I got a tweet from @TalkTalkCare and an email from someone at talktalkplc.com about my problem with the site that had been wrongly blacklisted by Talktalk's content filters.  

The email promises that not only will the site be unblocked, but that they will also look at why it was incorrectly blacklisted and add something to their ISP FAQ for content providers who are wrongly blocked and wish to request a review. 

I am impressed by the speed and comprehensive nature of the response, although something tells me that may not be unrelated to my having...
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