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Was in a medieval mood today, so we went to Cotehele house for an outing.  Here is my mum, demonstrating doorways designed for seriously short people only.  This would probably be more helpful if I could remember how tall my mother is. 5'1-ish ? Less?  Considerably Shorter Than Me, anyway.

This morning as I was returning with the hounds from a morning walk (thankfully, much cooler today than it has been: Oh! the humidity!)  I was accosted by a woman waving the implement whose name causes controversy.  Some call it a fish-slice, others, a spatula, and I think last time we debated this matter there were other suggestions too.  The thing you use to turn stuff in a frying-pan so it browns on both sides.  Anyway...

A tall, grey-haired lady, slim and jeans-clad,  with intelligent aquiline features,  approached me, waving this utensil.
"Is this yours?" she said.
Somewhat baffled and for some reason, feeling rather guilty, I examined the item, and was relieved to see that it was unfamiliar.  At least, whatever the dogs, cats, etc may do, the kitchen equipment is not out annoying the neighbours.
"No!" I said
"I found it in the garden.  We often find things in the garden.  Something brings them.  I think perhaps it was from a barbecue," and she looked at me hopefully.
I admitted that it did indeed look like the kind of thing that someone might use if barbecueing.

"The thing is... I've lost a shoe," she went on.  "You haven't seen a shoe..?  A trainer kind of shoe?"
I shook my head in bafflement.
"Sometimes it brings things, and sometimes it takes them away.  I'm hoping that if I can find where this came from, I might find my shoe."
I assured her that I would look out for her shoe, and if I found it, I would return it to her house pronto.
And she went off up the lane, fish slice in hand, looking for her shoe.

Honestly, this really happened.  I assume, possibly, a fox at work?  All the other explanations seem even less likely.
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And he has fixed our dripping tap, after holding forth at length about how unlikely it is that he would be able to find a matching widget to replace the leaky one.   Apparently tap manufacturers each make 40-odd near-identical Tap Widget Inserts, and our tap carried no ID.  And yet, somehow, the million-and-oneth chance that slays the dragon - the Chosen Widget that he brought with him did actually fit!

... eta, it turns out on closer examination that he has put the taps back the wrong way round, so now you push them to make water happen, which is a bit odd. But at least they have stopped leaking!

In other news, when I went to the pet shop the other day, some builders brought in a blue dragonfly that they had found injured, and left it on the counter.  The poor girl manning the till did not know what to do with it. That pet shop does not sell pets at all, only food and toys and beds - and anyway, dragonflies are not pets!

I offered to take it away and let it go beside a stream - I think probably it was dying anyway, but I thought probably it would find it less stressful to die in a quiet spot in the sun, and if it was stunned rather than permanently injured, a pet shop was not the place for it.   So, we wrangled it into a box - it grabbed hold of Pet Shop Girl's finger, at one point, and we had some difficulty getting it to let go, which almost caused her to have a melt-down.  But I told her 'Be Strong!' and she was.

So then we went to my car - me carrying my various purchases, and leading Rosie Roo,  Pet Shop Girl behind me carrying the dragonfly in a box.  But then we were interrupted by the dragon-fly-delivering builder, who demanded a status update on his dragonfly.

We told him our plan, and he said 'I could take it to a stream!'

So we handed the dragonfly box back to him, and disbanded our procession.
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Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.

though in fact, nobody does seem to have remembered it in our village today, which I am pleased about, as Az finds the bangs very worrying.  There were a few bangs yesterday, causing Brythen to rush about shouting "WOO!" and Az to put his head under the blanket and pretend to be invisible, but one night of bangs is easy to cope with, whereas several nights is much more difficult.   The cats didn't seem bothered at all.  Mind you, not much ruffles our cats. 

Cut for explodiferous stinkitude. And splattitude.  )

Rural WTF

May. 18th, 2012 12:43 am
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It is 20 minutes to 1am in the morning, and someone is employing a tractor, lights and a bizarre swooshing thing on the field opposite my house.    I think it may be muckspreading.   As the valley is otherwise completely silent at this hour, the noise, which would normally be unnoticeable, is quite striking.  It sounds like he is energetically circulating a number of angry foxes in a large metal barrel.

WHY  would anyone be muckspreading at 12:40am?  WHY? 

At least he's unlikely to be very long about it.  It's not a big field.  Which just increases the mystery of the 'WHY AT 12:40am?' question by an order of magnitude.
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EG in this news story.

Who ARE these women? How were they chosen? Why didn't they ask ME? Have the women they asked experienced the annoyance of finding useful information and innocent material randomly blocked, without, at the same time, actually screening out stuff that makes you go EEEW? (I recently had to replace the 'national lottery funded' logo on an extremely earnest and 100% childsafe website, because school automated filters were unable to tell that the logo did not mean the website was about gambling...)

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I can, in fact, recycle just about as many 'Small Business Surveys' as you care to post to me.   No matter how many you send, it's always going to be quicker and easier for me to fling them straight into the recycling than to open, check figures, tick boxes and put the damn thing back in the post. 

I'm guessing this is also the case for every other small business you are sending these to.  This is why nobody is returning them to you.  Stop!   Instead, perhaps there is an incentive you could spend all that postage money on that might induce small businesses to tell you the stuff you want to know?   An incentive other than 'We will stop sending you surveys' preferably. 
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In googling for something quite other, I found an old discussion of Sutcliff's Sword at Sunset (a book of which I am unreasonably fond), in which the commenters lay into the author for having written on a topic they found distasteful.  Incest.   Yes, they felt that including incest in an Arthurian story was something that rendered the whole book unreadable.  

 I assume they haven't read Malory.  Good grief.   I then became annoyed, and wished to share my annoyance with The Internet.   Then I had a long agonised internal debate with myself whether to use my 'history' tag for this post.  This was quite ludicrous. I am therefore tagging it 'loons' and including myself in the tag... 
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Overheard today:
"OH GOD!!!! NOW THERE's A BULL!!!!"  (very shrill)
"No, it's OK, it's just a cow.  Just walk past" (authoritative, but somewhat nervously)
"Oh, OK a cow?   I'll carry the dog. "

Let's examine the evidence:
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Email today from someone whose website suddenly looks really weird to them.  Well, we've all had THAT feeling, but in this case from the screenshot it looked like all the formatting had disappeared - fonts, positioning, colours, the lot.

After some discussion, I find that their local network had suddenly decided to block access from the company network to the company's own css file.  Not the whole website, just the css file.  (Css files are text files where websites keep all their formatting information. Everyone's got one, or even several.  Here's one of the ones that the current default theme on Bunn.livejournal.com uses, for example :http://l-stat.livejournal.com/voxhtml/hills/screen.css)

I can't work out why any network would block access to an inoffensive textfile that belongs to their own organisation!

They aren't allowed to contact their network administrators when stuff like this happens, so they have no way to fix it.  Nobody knows why it happens.  Possibly it's some kind of curse.


Jul. 30th, 2011 06:50 pm
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Not only are the early apples ripe (and falling off the tree!) a good two weeks or more early, but there are blackberries ripe in the most sheltered spots - and not just the odd one either, I could make a crumble if I felt so inclined!

Whereas up on the hill, there are still whortleberries on the bushes - normally I'm sure they would be well over by now - and some of the plants have flowers on again - at the same time as the berries!

A fortnight or so ago, I met a grumpy old woman who was picking whortleberries. When I commented politely that it was a good year, she grumbled at me that 'everyone' was picking them.  Even if this were true - and I'm up there often twice a day, and have seen very few other people showing any interest in the bumper crop - the bushes are loaded with the things and have been for months.  There are so many berries that many have got overripe and are falling off, leaving purple splats on the ground, and I come back from walks with my mouth and fingers a virulent purple.

In other news : clearings, choppings and planting plans )

In Other other news, I went to Tavistock, where I bought:a number of things with remarkable speed )
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I don't know if this post is really really obvious or not at all obvious.  Maybe not at all obvious, from the sheer quantity of copyrighted images, music, books and video flying around the web in places where the copyright owner has not authorised them to be.

I'm leaving entirely aside the issue of the morality of, say, ripping film off DVD and putting it on Youtube, or using a pirated copy of your music as a background for your own home movie. I'm not  arguing that one: we are in a position where the law is running behind the technology and this inevitably creates odd and irritating situations.

But, there seem to be people who unless I am missing something, do not realise that by doing this they are running a risk and potentially exposing their families to risk too.
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I suspect most people reading this already know all this very well, and the hordes of people that don't, won't read this post. Hey ho.

EDIT : I'm not saying, don't link anything, or that technically-illegal stuff is morally wrong.   I'm saying: copyright law is messy, complicated and has the potential to royally muck your life up.  It is a good idea to take it seriously. If you have thought about it and are pretty sure that the most likely outcome of a particular technical breach of the law is having to reply penitently to a stern email and maybe remove some content, great.

But plenty of people seem to be taking larger risks with the kind of content that is likely to be protected vigorously by scary lawyers - and for what? Is it really worth the risk of becoming an example, for free music or DVD content? Maybe for someone who strongly believes in the principle of free information - but I'm not convinced that is the only motivation here.  
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Is it me, or is:

'In Web we Trust'

a very odd thing to automatically append to the bottom of a 'thanks we have received your support request' response from an ISP? 
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Today someone called on our home phone line and started talking about Sky box warranties expiring.  I was working and I knew that philmophlegm, under whose province television services lie, was unlikely to want an extended warranty, and I also thought there was a good chance it was a con.  So I said 'Sorry, I'm afraid we aren't interested' and rang off.

Almost immediately, that line rang again. I didn't bother picking it up this time, as I was doing more important things ( I'd wandered to the kitchen to make coffee. )

So I was delighted* when I checked the voicemail on that line this evening to receive a very cross voicemail telling me :

- that I am Their Customer** and he has been asked to give me the company's new phone number!
- but that because I am so horribly rude, he will not give me the phone number!
- and in fact, he won't even tell me what company he's calling from!

*no, I really was, I thought it was most amusing.
** actually, he called me Mrs Philmophlegm, which would technically mean that philmophlegm's Mum is actually Their Customer - I don't use pp's surname.
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 This weekend, I was one of a party of adventurers who departed Antarctica for Melbourne (some of us thought it was Adelaide).  The rest of the party showed a cavalier disregard for the noble Hivers holding back the forces of chaos that we had left behind, but I made sure they could at least get their grav sleds back. 

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 I inherited the management of a website some years ago.  It came to me from another organisation who had originally built it, but had since moved their business away from providing website management.   I assumed when I took it over that it had been tested and worked, and have been looking after it, making those little changes the site owner requested, for around 3 years. 

Today they got in touch, to say that a customer had told them he had filled in the contact form, but no email had come to them as a result.

  I checked the form - dated last updated 2003 -  and found that when submitted, it attempted to send email by calling a file that doesn't exist.  This file has, in all probability, not existed for at least 3 years, since I don't have a copy in the snapshot of the site I took when I took it over.  It may, indeed, never have existed at all. 

The moral of this story is, if anyone ever builds you any kind of form, don't just look at it and assume it works.  Fill it in! 
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 I do not want your Business Pack
i do not want it, Business Link

Would you like it here or there?

I would not like it here or there.
I would not like it anywhere.
I do not want your Business Pack
i do not want it, Business Link!

Would you like it in your house?
Would you scroll it with your mouse?

I do not want it in my house.
I will not scroll it with my mouse.
I do not want it here or there.
I do not want it anywhere.
I do not like your Business Packs.
I do not like them, Business Link!

Would you read it through the post?
Would you read it embossed on toast?

Not through the post. And not on toast.
Not in my house. Not with my mouse.
I do not want it here or there.
I do not want it anywhere.
I WILL not read your Business Pack
I do not like it Business Link!
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 I've just had a request that changes to a particular domain name should be emailed to a certain email address - this will ensure they are processed 'in a Timely Manor'. 

I feel that the story of the Domains of Timely Manor is just waiting to be written; probably by Diana Wynne Jones. 
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I posted a suggestion to the new Your Freedom site about the ludicrous and costly Dangerous Dogs Act section 1. )

I have grown a number of aubergines )

I didn't deliberately plant tomatoes this year )

I took Az and Perl to the vet yesterday. )

Airships are the future! Or maybe not. )

The Pandorica (without spoilers) )

And finally... the Oldies Club is currently considering an application to adopt from our oldest adopter yet. She's 97! The dog she's interested in is no spring chicken though - and she's an experienced owner (VERY experienced!) so they could be a good match.
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I was watching the fundraising campaign for the BBC wildlife fund on TV. Definitely behind the general idea, but watching the article about macaws in Guatamala triggered a thought.

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Andrea Charman, the lamb Marcus, and the online protest. )

Incidentally, all these surveys that say children believe cheese comes from rats and so on  - does no school child get any credit for a sense of humour? I mean, imagine you are a kid being forced to complete a survey which you are told you must fill in, but crucially on which you can lie with complete impunity. I reckon it's odds-on that at least some of them are going to go through the form going "hahaha, and then I told them cheese came from rats LOL!"

Well, I would, and given the number of people who gave their Census religion as 'Jedi' I don't think I'm alone, somehow.


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