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Rosie Roo, expressing her surprise that the tulips which came from a bag labelled 'Yellow Tulips' have come up out a clear flame-red.
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Popped down to Seaton today to see what damage the storms had done, and let the hounds hare about.

The beach cafe (the buildings in the foreground) was very closed, and the river that used to run past it across the beach has moved quite a distance east.Photos... )
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I was just reading about Edward Thorndike's puzzle boxes - an experiment where he put a cat or dog into a box that had some sort of release lever to let it out, and waited to see if the cat or dog would work out whether/how to press the lever.

I now desperately want to put, say, 100 human beings into puzzle boxes, and see how long it takes each of THEM to work out that pushing a lever in a darkened room opens the door. Perhaps my view of humanity is pessimistic, but based on many of the support phonecalls I get, not only are most human beings incapable of empirically working out the solution to a problem, but they are also a species absolutely beset with cargo cult beliefs about the things that appeared to work but in the real world cannot possibly have done so...

I'm fairly sure that the people on my LJ friendslist can indeed reason their way out of a paper bag, but to be honest, I'm not sure you lot are entirely representative.

Both Az and Brythen were expert puzzle-solvers of the canine variety. Az could open doors, turn keys,and undo tent-zips, and it's a delight to see Brythen realise that he's on the wrong side of a fence and work out at speed how to navigate through a series of gates and gaps to the right side of it (when he decides to do so, and OK, sometimes he decides not to :-D ) . He can open a dog-crate from the inside, too. But These are Not Typical Dogs.
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One day I may manage again to do a proper update with words and brain in it and stuff. But in the meanwhile here are dogs snuggling. Read more... )


Feb. 7th, 2014 03:13 pm
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the sun is shining and the lurchers are on the wing!  


Jan. 22nd, 2014 09:59 pm
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I was very much haunted by the ghosts of old dogs this morning, but not in a bad way.  Rosie and Brythen love their lie-ins, so mornings are mostly rather quiet now -  but while I was getting up, I kept thinking that Az and Mollydog were doing their usual joyful morning-dancing, just out of sight and not quite in earshot.

one last photo... )
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Az has been getting steadily wobblier and more tired since my last update, and his heart and breathing were clearly troubling him.  I decided yesterday that enough was enough: he was no longer able to enjoy life, he was just going on existing, in a tired, worn-out kind of way.  It was very hard to make the choice, when the decline was so gradual, but as my mother told me when I rang her to share my woe, this is the responsibility that comes when you have power of life and death over another being : you make his life good as long as you can, and then you give him a good death.  Pp and I agreed that time had come for Az, which was reassuring.
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The rescue that both Mollydog and Brythen came from,  Greyhound Rescue West of England, wanted to do a video for the end of the year, and I volunteered to help pull it together and sort out the captions and things.  It's just happy ever afters really.   You may recognise the cover gentleman. :-)

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I had said that I wasn't going to foster any more dogs while we still had Az, because he is so old and frail now and I didn't want to risk introducing any dogs he can't cope with.  But...
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Nuts! )

In other news, Az seems (she says, very tentatively) to be once again staging a slow and wobbly recovery.  Getting him to eat is still quite a palaver, but the nighttime terrors seem to have stopped, and he's generally seeming more alert. So, thanks for all the crossed fingers!  I am trying to be very, very careful not to let him overdo things.

Things are looking less bright for poor Perl.  On Friday she seemed quite cheery and almost her normal brash shouty Liverpudlian self.  She even ate a reasonable amount.  But over the weekend she has been very quiet, and I've had no luck at all getting food into her, not even sardines or chicken stew (thinking on, I wonder if I should try her classic snack of burnt oven chips in ketchup?  Maybe not...  She is still drinking, but she seems very, very tired.

However, even now, she is a force to be reckoned with...Read more... )

Az woes

Oct. 11th, 2013 02:14 pm
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Not a good night, last night.   Az's heart was playing up.  You could feel it fluttering like a butterfly rather than making anything that could be described as a regular beat.  He kept coughing and could not find a comfortable position to lie in, and he wet his bed, even though I took him out at midnight and 4am. He got upset about that,although I changed the bedding and didn't make a fuss.   I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his bed, because when he got a coughing fit, he would get scared, and I kept having to get up and calm him down.Read more... )
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Brythen and I are off to an introductory Treibball class this evening on Dartmoor.  It is supposed to be a herding game for dogs, using balls rather than sheep.

I have a suspicion that I shall arrive and find we are in a class of border collies...

I just hope he stays awake.  If he gets everything wrong, but stays awake, at least everyone will know he's trying.
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"Grattius, too, writes that "great glory exalts the far-distant Celtic dogs" and refers to the Vertragus, an ancestor of the modern greyhound. "Swifter than thought or a winged bird it runs, pressing hard on the beasts it has found" (204ff).

Arrian has much to say about the dog in the Cynegeticus, written in Greek about AD 150 as a supplement to the manual of Xenophon. Arrian suggests that Xenophon must not have known of the Vetragus, which was named for its swiftness; otherwise, he never would have written that a hound cannot catch a hare except by luck. If the Vertragus does not run down the hare, it must be because of broken ground or a concealing thicket or ditch. A hare startled too close will not even have a chance to run at all.

"Splendid animals, the best bred of them, with fine eyes, fine bodies all over, fine coats, and fine appearance" (III.7), they should be long from head to tail, with a sturdy build, a muzzle that comes to a point, and large soft ears. The eyes should be prominent, large and bright and "should astonish the man who sees them" (IV.5). Again, he corrects Xenophon: "The color makes no difference, whatever it may be, not even if hounds are black or tan or white all over" (VI.1)."
(from http://penelope.uchicago.edu/~grout/encyclopaedia_romana/miscellanea/canes/canes.html )

Now here was I thinking that the Large Soft Ears were just him! Not that he would catch a hare, but mostly because he agrees with Arrian : " "For one does not take hounds out in order to catch the beast, but for a race and competition, at least if one is a true sportsman."
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Get a private prescription for Az's heart medication next time, rather than buying it from the vet.  50 Vetmedin pills from the vet costs £68.95 - from VetUK, it would only cost £30!
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As assorted people keep saying to me: 'isn't she doing well?'
You will note that Brythen is on the lead. This is because Brythen after several weeks of being a Very Good Dog, was a Bad Dog several times running, culminating in the occasion when he pulled the lead out of my hand a few days ago while road walking, and only came back after
a) I'd convinced myself that he'd tied himself to a tree somewhere deep in the woods and would never be seen again.
b) I'd spent ages rummaging for him through a very overgrown and steep field full of a giant badger set (with many, many holes) and fallen into a hole and cut my leg. And there was an owl.
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It's been a while since I reported on the This Will Not Do campaign - ie, dealing with Brythen's tendency to disappear over the horizon and come back when he felt like it.

On and on and on about the Big Puppy, longlines, recall and bunnies. Bunnies everywhere! )


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