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On Friday evening after we got back from canoeing, the most enormous storm came up.  It had been the clearest, hottest blue-sky day, and then suddenly, rain was beating down, thunder grumbling all around and lightning everywhere: really everywhere, all around.   Very spectacular. Poor Brythen was most upset, but Rosie wasn't, nor Henning or Yama.  Odd, the things that do and don't spook them.

Pp has bought an airbrush and is excitedly trying out new miniature-painting techniques with it.  His paint attitude is diametrically opposed to mine: I seem to be slowly reducing the number of colours I paint with, to Paynes's Grey, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, and Naples Yellow.  It's surprising how far you can get with just those...  Whereas he has LEGIONS of tiny paintpots in every possible shade and texture.

I'm supposed to be helping judge a dog show later today.  The weather forecast looked hot and sunny.  The actual weather looks grey and opaque: I can't even see Devon at the moment for the fog.  Hope it cheers up or I shall be judging dogs by feel : "This one seems to have... a tail. And fur! Well done!"

I've been having some difficulty sleeping, recently, which I know is par for the course for some of my friends but normally I can sleep almost any time so for me it's weird and upsetting!  Oddly, it was sleeping at night that was the problem, I'd sleep till maybe 4 or 5am then wake and not be able to go to sleep again.  I can resort to naps in the day, but those eat so much time!  I should probably cut back a bit on coffee.  *but I love coffee*  *laments*. And probably go to bed earlier...    It seemed to be related to writing, too: I kept waking up with ideas and thinking 'Oh, OK, I'll just note that down' and then two hours later...  Which would be fine if writing were a paid job, but since it's a hobby it's really silly.  Bah.

I have a bad feeling that the lack of sleep may also relate to the fact that I've taken a nose-dive this year into just not looking at the news, for the first time ever.   This is a bit cowardly and I should stop doing it.  Maybe next week.
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I went to my mystery medical appointment that someone phoned up to arrange without telling me what I was being booked in for.   From the wary way that the nurse asked me 'did anyone mention what this is about?' I get the vibe that nobody phoned had been told, and she had therefore been dealing all week with people who had made up their own minds what the appointment was for, and were unwilling to be dissuaded.

I had no preconceptions, so was happy with the reveal that it was a cardiac checkup.    I was weighed, measured (do they think I'm going to get taller at my age?) had a pinprick cholesterol test and a blood pressure check and was asked questions about my diet and smoking habits.

All these things revealed that my chance of cardiac problems was rated at 0.92.  Apparently anything under 20 is good.  The nurse was quick to assure me however, that there is no money-back guarantee. 
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Phonecall from NHS: will I come in for checkup?  Well, OK I say, and agree a date and time.

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10/10  : as a way of losing 5lb in weight in a week.
However 2/10 : as a general way to spend a week in December.  A grudging 2 points awarded on the grounds that the horrible thing does now eventually seem to be going away and hasn't actually killed me.  Would not, by choice, suffer again.  :-(

However, I did feel well enough today (finally!  I've had this thing since last Thurs!) to take Brythen over to join in with the supermarket collection that I had volunteered for a few weeks ago (for Forever Hounds Trust, which is what used to be Greyhound Rescue West of England).

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Jan. 5th, 2016 08:51 pm
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Pp has got a new torch, and insisted we must do a night-time dogwalk to test it out.  We went along the Lynher: a very fast flowing full river at this time of year, surprisingly clear water and very dark, what with the trees all the way up the side of the valley.    The new torch did sterling duty along the riverside path, but sadly ran out of juice after that.  It was lucky we were on the road by that time so at least had a level surface to walk on.

The new torch turns out to have a strobe mode.  It has no effect on Pp at all, but Oh!  it made me feel sick.   I had to hang about for about five minutes getting my stomach under control after he accidentally turned it on, and it didn't fully wear off for ages.

It is weird that just light could have that effect, and I wonder why it affected me and not Pp. 
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I seem to remember complaining idly that because I have very mild asthma, I must take up time regularly at the local NHS clinic, which I am sure has better things to do with its time than assign an asthma nurse to have this conversation with me:

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Turns out, there is an opt-out on this now.  You can fill in an online form at Superdrug, which apparently waves it past a doctor in some way, and then they post out your drugs to you.  It seems somehow wrong (do people conspire to get ventolin that they don't actually need?  Maybe they do)   But awful convenient. :-D 


Feb. 25th, 2015 12:14 am
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I seem to be developing an interesting array of wrinkles around my eyes.  I like them.  I'm documenting their development.
I'm hoping eventually to grow one of those interesting old-lady faces that looks rather as though it has been whittled from a walnut.
I seem to be rather an undead colour in this photo for some reason: the light, I think.  Maybe I should have greyscaled it. 
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The walk:  The sun was shining, and although some of the trees have lost their leaves, there are enough leaves left to make good reflections in the river.  The trees that still have leaves are mostly beech and sweet chestnut, which are both trees with good colour, although there were a few oaks still be-leaved too.

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The whinge:
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Finally, here is an article explaining how to turn Barbie dolls into Weeping Angels.  


Oct. 30th, 2014 08:14 am
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I can just see to the end of the road: ghostly trees outlined against thick white, still carrying ragged golden-brown leaves, but with the colour leeched out of them by the fog.  Nothing exists beyond the village. Devon is invisible.

The hounds and cats are still fast asleep, apart from Henning, who always wants breakfast.

This morning I woke up and thought : something is different.  Something is better.   I lay in bed for a bit trying to work out what it could be, and finally realised that for the first time in two weeks, I was the right temperature and not soaking in a bath of my own sweat.   I think my heroic piratical cold, legacy of unwisely thinking 'A pirate metal gig? Why not give it a go?'  has finally moved on!  It's such a relief.

ETA while coughing miserably: no apparently it is STILL HERE.  I really am not heroic enough for heroic pirate metal viruses. 
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The Cat Came Back.

The door burst open just now, admitting an importunate Brythen who charged through the livingroom leaving black muddy footprints everywhere.

Philmophlegm began to sing his own version of the song, which goes:
"But the dog came back,
An indeterminate amount of time later
The dog came back
At a time of his own choosing..."

I really wish this were less true.

In other news, this week I leaned over to grab an insignificant weed, twisted *just the wrong way* and did something to my back, which left me flailing in extreme agony in the mud. Note to self, if your back 'goes' it probably is worth the pain to just stand up again. Do NOT lie down. You will only have to stand up again at some point.

It has still not entirely gone away, and I have some sort of fluey thing as well, just as a twofer. Bah.
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The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and I spent last night alternately shivering cold under a huge heap of blankets, then throwing all the blankets off. And aching.  And sneezing.  Should be working but brain refuses to engage first gear and keeps going back to sleep.  (It just took me 5 attempts to spell 'first'.)

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Nov. 12th, 2012 01:37 pm
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Just clicked on link for The Hobbit movie, and discovered that Vue cinemas have it all ready set up in their Coming Soon section - in 3D. But not in not-3D. The only cinema listed on their site as showing it in 2D is in Birmingham.

This must, I hope, be a booking engine glitch? I have seen 1 film in 3D, and it was enough to convince me that I - never - want to see another one. 3D does baaaaad things to the strange part of my brain that becomes direly nauseous if given the illusion of motion while sitting still - the part that means I cannot play any first-person perspective computer game, or watch films that make extensive use of the 'shot on a hand held cam' conceit.

I want to see this film! I want to enjoy it! I do not want to have to take a bucket and spend the whole time squinting at it sideways!
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Finally having Something Done about the ancient underpowered shower that very occasionally decides to cascade water into the kitchen ceiling below, and is surmounted by the ancient extractor fan that wheezes, groans and hiccups.  I mean, it all works, more or less.  But this state of affairs seems unlikely to continue indefinitely.   Anyway, in pursuit of this goal, I had to clear out the cupboard in the shower room.  I have always thought 'what a good idea to have such a generously sized cupboard in here!'  But now I am thinking : excessive bathroom storage : it just SUCKS IN CRUD!
Probably of interest only to me. But if you *really* wish to read of the crud I found... )


Jul. 8th, 2012 12:08 pm
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On the Lemsip box, the contents claims to treat:
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Blocked Nose
  • Body Aches and Pains
  • Sore Throat.

It does not mention:
  • That feeling as if the top of your head had come off and your brain had become filled with helium, and is now hovering about half a mile up, connected to your body only by the slowest and most tenuous connections.
  • Extreme enfeeblement of the upper arms, making one feel like a rather limp Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • whatever that thing is that makes you rub your eyebrows.
  • Timeslip effects : sit down for 5 minutes, when you stand up it is three hours later
  • The proliferation of typos.
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I got an invite to a school reunion.   I'm not going.  
Apparently I still haven't got over this.  )
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Apparently I have succumbed to a meme.

Bold the ones you did before you were 11 ¾ (as far as you can remember!)
Italicise the ones you have done since then.  Reminisce wildly, it makes the thing more entertaining to read. 

1. Climb a tree
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I still have a cold.  Much blank staring into space, aching, etc etc.  However, I have just worked out that I have had no coffee since Friday afternoon, which is probably a bit of a strain on the system.  Under normal circumstances I operate on a basis of always being a couple of mugs of coffee up, even when asleep.  I sometimes think that in a world without coffee I would probably only be awake for about 6 hours a day... 

It's so annoying: weather has been absolutely perfect this weekend: I was going to do SO MUCH gardening!  And instead, I have basically been asleep for 2 days and nights.

I awoke briefly to read Barbara Hambly's  'Sisters of the Raven'.  It was a readable and entertaining 'I have got a cold' book.   The setting is a group of vaguely-Arabic seeming cities set beside a lake - very well described, all dyes and spices and markets and camels.  Full of atmosphere: 10/10 on that front. 

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I strongly recommend you avoid dropping a laptop on your toes. If you must drop a laptop on your toes, choose a small light one, not a 17" Vaio designed with blade-like sharpened edges and apparently lined with granite. 

Before you ask, YES the bloody laptop is fine! It landed on something soft.  It landed, in fact, at about lunchtime, and the toe still hurts!  Stupid toe. 

This afternoon, I did a homecheck for a Dog Rescue Myth -  the active retired couple with no kids, no pets, home a lot, real dog lovers with a fully enclosed garden, who live in the country with their own land. Every other dog owner who wants to hand a dog in seems to believe that we have an ample supply of these paragons, and I think this is the first time I have ever actually met them. They seem to be real after all, though I do wish there were a lot more of them.

Oh, also, on the topic of dog rescue?  Cesar Milan.  Just NO. I am SICK of dogs bouncing from homes that think they know about dog behaviour because they watched a couple of shows with that self-dramatising little wanker and decide to throw dogs on their backs or diagnose them with aggression that frankly, they have not got.  

Happy New Year all.  I hope the rest of 2012 will be less painful. Now I shall limp slowly and melodramatically away to have a bath. 
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I find that one effective method of forcing my brain to do the things I want it to do (ie, work), rather than the things it wants to do (ie write long confused posts about undocumented Cornish history, doublecheck exactly what the Ring of Barahir looked like, rashly offer to foster a coonhound, Hack All the Garden Things,  and write short stories including ravens)  is to tell the bloody thing that it will just have to stay up all night, and I *will not allow it to go to bed until it has done its homework*. 

Eventually the damn thing knuckles under.  This technique is not great for getting things done the next day, but at least I do actually get a really surprising amount of stuff *done*.  I do wish my brain would be more cooperative. Sometimes it seems like the thing belongs to someone else entirely. *kicks brain* 

So far I have resisted the temptation of fostering the coonhound.  He looks very cute in his photos, but I think my hounds are quite enjoying being a twosome for a bit.

Ideal job

Mar. 29th, 2011 02:30 pm
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I can't be bothered with all the other Q's in that meme that is floating about, but I will answer the one that asks about your perfect job, as  I actually have an answer to that one. 

I would like to be a sculptor.  Specifically, I would like Heather Jansch's job (and, obviously, also her talent, experience, work ethic and vision... :--D) .  I would probably make more greyhounds and not quite so many horses, but I am just awed by the movement she shows in her driftwood animals.   The idea of being able to spend all day making such superb animals out of wood and selling them for huge sums ... what's not to like!  

I shall use my polymer clay hiver icon for this post, to illustrate the sad divide between dream and reality! 


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