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I happened to get up early a couple of days ago because Brythen had an upset tum, and this was the view outside the door, so I snapped it before I went back to bed.

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On top of a fence post,
all covered in green
I photographed lichens
That evolved before the Eocene.

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Rosie in a sunbeam.  I forgot to take her muzzle and decided to let her go without for once, since I was pretty sure I was the only person on this path that day.  We didn't see anyone else at all, only squirrels.

Brythen posing.   Sometimes he picks just the right spot to stand and stare longingly at squirrels.
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And here are just some photos of pretty trees along my morning walks.  Mostly beech, although the first one has some sweet chestnut on the right too.  This first photo is all growing on old arsenic mine spoilheaps.
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 Foster dog woke me early on Sunday, so decided to take a trip down to the beach before the day got too hot
On the way home, I noticed these fields planted by some unsung artist of a farmer.  It is blue flax, otherwise known as linseed, stretching all the way to the skyline.

And here are a few photos of foster Carlos.

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There's nothing like two days without electricity to make you really appreciate the stuff when it returns.  The poor Western Powermen were still swarming over the village as we walked the dogs after 6pm yesterday, so we were not entirely sure if they would get everything finished in time.  But apparently they did.

Sadly this photo does not really communicate the full coppery wonder of the shining wires. They  sparkled in the sunlight.   More photos under cut.

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Fiddling with the Finrod's Song translation continues, and both r_blackcat and the Neuromancer of kargicq have now put in so much time and effort and thought into it that I am really beginning to hope it might actually end up as a proper translation rather than me going 'AND HERE IS WHAT I THINK THIS MEANS! ALSO, POETRY!' .   The googledoc is still a work in progress but I'll probably do another LJ post and flock the old one once there is a more or less finished version.   Also, I have now learned a number of Russian words, and some of them aren't 'doom' 'oath', 'foe'  or 'curse'!

I drew a pastel Sauron. I am still not terribly good at getting a likeness, but...

I know that the Red Eye is *probably* a Third Age thing, from after Sauron was squished in the Downfall of Numenor, but I wanted a way of identifying him, so I decided it probably started life as a sort of heraldic device.    I'm not sure why the scar - I don't think it's canonical, is it?
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I can report that laurel, even a laurel that was once, perhaps fifty years ago, part of a hedge, but is now well on the way to becoming a Forest Giant, is  no match for a sudden hailstorm, and that one wall and no roof does, as Sam observed, not make a house.   I thought the huge thunderstorm last night had temporarily exhausted the malice of the weather, but no such luck.
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On Tuesday, it stopped raining.  So we went to try to find the Excelsior Tunnel in Deerpark Wood.  The Excelsior Tunnel was originally designed to be two miles long, and to connect to the Kit Hill summit mineshaft about 600 feet below the shaft opening on the hilltop.  But like so many mining endeavours, it failed half-way, and was never completed.    Later, the tunnel was used by the excitingly-named UK Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, which was trying to work out if it was possible to tell from a distance if someone made a Really Big Bang deep underground.

Sadly, we didn't find it, although I'm pretty sure we must have walked right past it.

We did find: a cow with a comical expression.
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In other news, Brythen really loves his new squeaky Christmas robin.

Happy New Year!
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There's a camellia in full bloom down the lane, and primroses too, but these are all in the garden.
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This graceful, dignified dog has always been much-prized, says the Kennel Club's description of the saluki...
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Or maybe it's just a little pink piglet which has been subjected to some sort of dreadful alien experiment. 
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Sun setting behind Bodmin moor as the light was going, and the mist began to come up and I began to wonder if the hounds were planning to make a night of it... (Rosie did come back! I'm counting that as a win even though I would have preferred her to come back before it got dark and I fell over.  :-/ )
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I missed the eclipse because a customer was driving me to the brink of insanity.

But this evening we walked the dogs up the hill in the sunset (and although it was rabbit o'clock, we didn't lose them once!), and then we went to Louis' Tearooms and sat outside and watched the dusk fall while eating piles of cheap but filling food (and there were sausages for the hounds). And it was good.

 (That mast you can see spoiling the view just to the left of the sun is the big radio mast on top of Caradon Hill, on the East side of Bodmin Moor. ) 
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 For some reason despite its entertaining name, we had only once been to Portwrinkle.  It was a couple of days after a timber ship had capsized and shed its load, and all I could remember about the place was the people swarming over the rocks like ants, picking up planks and carrying them away.   In theory, anyone who picked up timber was supposed to report it to some authority or other : in practice, it seemed that every garden along the coast got a new shed or deck that year...

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I have been experimenting with my new Sony A5000.  At the moment I'm sticking to using the lens that came with it, a 16-50mm pancake lens.  It is absurdly small and light wearing that lens - very pocketable, at least into a coat pocket.
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The woods have grown up through the old stone ruins of this coppermine. It closed for the last time in the 1920s. 
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The walk:  The sun was shining, and although some of the trees have lost their leaves, there are enough leaves left to make good reflections in the river.  The trees that still have leaves are mostly beech and sweet chestnut, which are both trees with good colour, although there were a few oaks still be-leaved too.

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The whinge:
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Finally, here is an article explaining how to turn Barbie dolls into Weeping Angels.  
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Was in a medieval mood today, so we went to Cotehele house for an outing.  Here is my mum, demonstrating doorways designed for seriously short people only.  This would probably be more helpful if I could remember how tall my mother is. 5'1-ish ? Less?  Considerably Shorter Than Me, anyway.

This morning as I was returning with the hounds from a morning walk (thankfully, much cooler today than it has been: Oh! the humidity!)  I was accosted by a woman waving the implement whose name causes controversy.  Some call it a fish-slice, others, a spatula, and I think last time we debated this matter there were other suggestions too.  The thing you use to turn stuff in a frying-pan so it browns on both sides.  Anyway...

A tall, grey-haired lady, slim and jeans-clad,  with intelligent aquiline features,  approached me, waving this utensil.
"Is this yours?" she said.
Somewhat baffled and for some reason, feeling rather guilty, I examined the item, and was relieved to see that it was unfamiliar.  At least, whatever the dogs, cats, etc may do, the kitchen equipment is not out annoying the neighbours.
"No!" I said
"I found it in the garden.  We often find things in the garden.  Something brings them.  I think perhaps it was from a barbecue," and she looked at me hopefully.
I admitted that it did indeed look like the kind of thing that someone might use if barbecueing.

"The thing is... I've lost a shoe," she went on.  "You haven't seen a shoe..?  A trainer kind of shoe?"
I shook my head in bafflement.
"Sometimes it brings things, and sometimes it takes them away.  I'm hoping that if I can find where this came from, I might find my shoe."
I assured her that I would look out for her shoe, and if I found it, I would return it to her house pronto.
And she went off up the lane, fish slice in hand, looking for her shoe.

Honestly, this really happened.  I assume, possibly, a fox at work?  All the other explanations seem even less likely.
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I observe that the children of people that I know, if judged entirely on photography, would appear to be all stunningly attractive. Photographs that I own of people that I know from their own teen and childhood years, and photos of members of my own family suggest that by comparison, humanity up to about 20 years ago was largely composed of odd-looking, grumpy-faced or mad-looking and somewhat furtive trolls.

Either some sort of alien intervention has taken place unnoticed, or nowadays, people get photographed so often, and get to see the results so instantly, they have on the whole, got a lot better at being in photographs.

I expect Future Historians to come up with a complicated theory about nutrition and dentistry. Or to go with the alien intervention thing.


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