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Promises the Libdem election leaflet of one Matthew W.

No you won't.  There is no scenario where you will descend out of our Eastern hills into the West, falling upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of Truro with Fire and the Sword. Nor do I want you to.   For that matter, how do you know they are even wrong?  They might be right!  I might be wrong!   Also, if you are fighting for me, then very likely you will have to fight, not against the wild raiders of Penzance or the solemn townsfolk of Truro, but against the annoying man up the road that thinks it's appropriate to control growth of a cornish hedge by spraying it with weedkiller.

... I don't think election leaflets are aimed at me.

Must look up what eldrich horrors Mebyon Kernow (Sons of Cornwall) are promising.  Possibly they really are promising Fire and the Sword.
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Was listening to pollsters being quizzed on BBC Radio 2 about Why They Got It Wrong at lunchtime. Much talk of percentages of variation and people not wanting to give socially unacceptable answers in telephone polls.

But I wondered, as I did with Brexit, if it is possible that the emphatic reporting of polls itself changes peoples voting intentions?

If the candidate/option you prefer appears to be winning, does that decrease the likelihood that less enthused voters who prefer that option but aren't wild about it, would turn out?

Did it increase the likelihood that Trump voters vote, seeing Clinton in the lead and reported as a probable winner?

I'm just wondering if 'Hell no!' is a more effective voting motivator than 'let's just make sure about this'.
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I really enjoyed this post from [livejournal.com profile] jabberworks this morning, even though it is about the US elections (!)   The general idea about a conflict of language and concepts of rudeness and the problems caused to communications seems highly relevant in the UK too. 
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 I voted.  The dogs came too.  Carlos tried to steal the poll station bacon butties.

I seem to remember last time there was a poll, I mentioned that I thought the polling station was an old Nissan hut people asked for photos, so here it is:
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Yesterday I was in the local convenience shop buying mince for Rosie, and what was on the shop radio?  Prime Minister's questions, with the new Labour leader asking questions of David Cameron that had been sent in by the public.

There are shops around here where you can hear live political debate (I'm particularly thinking of the butcher's counter in Callington, which can get lively and opinionated) but it's the first time I've had national politics supplied with the butter.

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May. 6th, 2015 08:29 pm
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If anyone out there happens to be thinking of making liver cake dog treats, runs out of porridge oats and thinks, hey, the end of this bag of coconut flour has been kicking around for ages, let's use that : DON'T.  It will gum up your liquidiser.   TAKE WARNING.   It remains to be seen if the dogs will eat the coconutty treats.

I am feeling slightly under the weather in that way that produces very clear lucid multisensory nightmares.  Night before last it was a sort of horror movie futuristic prison ship,  last night it was Apocalypse, folllowed by the considerable embarrassment and nervousness that ensues when it turns out that the apocalypse is rather more localised than one had realised, and now there's a headless corpse in the back of the car and what on earth to do with it???

Still don't know who to vote for.  It's probably between Conservative and Lib Dem in my consistuency.  Labour don't have a hope and I don't want to vote for them and their deeply dubious Scottish National Party alliance anyway, I don't think the Greens are anywhere near being a serious party with workable principles.

Probably going Lib Dem, on the grounds that we could do with more people who are prepared to make practical compromises based on the realities in front of them and work with people they don't like rather than throw tantrums when they inevitably don't get all they want.   Only I'm not sure about some of their policies.  Bah. Maybe I should go Mebyon Kernow, and vote to enrich the entertaining diversity of Westminster.
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Still no leaflets from UKIP, Labour or Mebyon Kernow.  *drums fingers*   There are looooads of UKIP posters to be seen though, and also a lady who drives around with UKIP flags flying on her car, like those flags people have when England is in the World Cup.

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This one is from the Green Party. It is appropriately smaller, thinner and flimsier than the LibDem one, although it shares their view that the EU is a good thing that none the less needs a good deal of reforming and general shoving in the right direction. It makes the proud claim that Green MEPs are uniquely resistant to corporate lobbying! There's also an interesting hint of threat in the headline : A democratic, peaceful Europe - I do like the implication that Other Parties are War Parties.

The whole thing feels very warm and well-intentioned and terribly, terribly middle-class, and I can't decide if it's a sign of legitimate growth or of regrettable cynicism that something that would have hit me right where I lived when I was, say twenty seems oddly self-contradictory and worrying now.

There are only three humans on the leaflet, all white and female, and one of them a child. There are, however, five different types of vegetable, a train and some solar panels.
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I love election leaflets. We've just had our first one arrive for the European elections. It's a LibDem one.

According to the leaflet, the LibDems are against Paedophiles and Organised Crime, and for Protecting Local Jobs. They are also in favour of Real Jobs for Real People (not like those fake people that the other parties are all about) and Making the EU Work Better For You. Those are the headline things. From the paragraph text, they also seem to be fans of Big Piles of EU Cash For All.

In subliminal messaging, all the people in the photos are white, and all look over forty. Most are male, although three are women (one lady appears three times! She must be important.) The other two women are Back of a Head, and Face Obscured By Flyer. The LibDem team have a photo of themselves taken with the Britannia Inn in Saltash (that's the one with a giant Union Jack painted across the entire building). They get a gold star for putting my name and full address on the leaflet, all spelt correctly. They clearly enjoy wearing hi vis jackets in either yellow OR orange.

I am looking forward excitedly to the promises of other parties, delivered in digestible leaflet form.
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http://mwf2014.museumsandtheweb.com/paper/glam-and-the-free-world/ - Cory Doctorow.

"There are people who caricature this whole position
Who say that this a mere naive belief that “information wants to be free”
But I’ve had a long talk with information about this
We went away for a weekend in the country, drank white wine, cried and hugged
And when it was over, information whispered in my ear that it doesn’t want to be free
The only thing it wants is for us to stop anthropomorphizing it
Because information doesn’t WANT anything
It’s a mere abstraction
However, PEOPLE want to be free
And when the world is made up of networked information-processing devices, that human freedom can only be attained through a free, open, and fair informational infrastructure
Help us create it."
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I heard a trailer for some event where John le Carré was speaking, in which he said that one of the odd things about Britain is that the majority of people, if they are asked by British Intelligence 'can we come in and use your upstairs, we can't tell you anything about it' will, if reassured the request is genuinely from British Intelligence, say 'yes'.

He felt this demonstrated a national temperamental bias towards the conspiratorial, and towards the patriotic.

[Poll #1934265][Poll #1934265]

Oh drat, I meant to ask if you thought it was odd to say 'yes'. 
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Here is a social attitudes survey, via [livejournal.com profile] huinare
I found this somewhat hilarious, because it kept asking questions in the form 'Our country' or 'We' without taking into account that the facts about'our country' or 'we' are going to be dramatically different depending on which country / 'we' is involved.

It concluded:
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I have few strong opinions! I am pretty sure that anyone who has met me for more than about 20 seconds would be somewhat amazed by this verdict. I think what they mean is, I can instantly come up with two diametrically-opposed scenarios for almost any question. The ratings for 'socialism' surprised me a bit too!
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I started writing an entry about the Prism data leaks, to try to pull together my thoughts, which were more or less that the information being released seems to be so vague that it's hard to know what to think.

But then I found this article, which I think is the best summary I've seen so far.

The Guardian reporting is so woolly, it's kind of hard to work out what they are trying to say is happening, and the comments from British politicians I've seen so far - on all sides of the political spectrum - seem to be basically: 'I have no idea what this is or how it works, so here's my standard take on a general idea of censorship and state control of information according to my default political opinions'.

Edit : oh and here's a nice article showing how metadata could be used to identify individuals: Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere
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I see that the residents of the Falkland Islands have voted to stay British again. I'm glad they are getting a choice. I really don't feel that 'they were Argentinian in 1833' is really much of an argument. Imagine if we rolled everything back legally to the status in 1833! It would certainly be entertaining (who's going to volunteer to tell China that they should be a monarchy again?), but I can't help feeling that 'let's just ask people which nation they want to belong to now' is the more practical approach.
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Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.

though in fact, nobody does seem to have remembered it in our village today, which I am pleased about, as Az finds the bangs very worrying.  There were a few bangs yesterday, causing Brythen to rush about shouting "WOO!" and Az to put his head under the blanket and pretend to be invisible, but one night of bangs is easy to cope with, whereas several nights is much more difficult.   The cats didn't seem bothered at all.  Mind you, not much ruffles our cats. 

Cut for explodiferous stinkitude. And splattitude.  )
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Further to this post in which I queried whether having a default filter for the entire country that banned access (supposedly) to porn, was really a good idea, the inevitable has now happened.

One of my lovely customers, the very sensible and respectable lady who created Ski Stuff* - a child safe website for parents who want to hire ski kit for their kids - tells me that one of HER customers, who has a Talktalk internet connection, has found that the Ski Stuff website is blocked by her Homesafe internet filters.   Talktalk were, I understand, planning at one point to opt their users into filtering automatically, but they seem to have thought better of it after finding that only 22% of parents wanted things done that way.  Now they offer the option to turn filtering on during signup instead, but the default is 'filters off'.   But of course, some people choose to turn the filters on, as is their right. 

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A couple of months ago, our council recycling service, which had started out seeming terribly prompt and efficient - stopped.    The black binbags were still collected, but nobody collected the brightly colour-coded bags of paper, tins, cardboard etc. 

I rang the council, who promised a two-day 'emergency pickup' which duly came and took the recycling away.  And then, silence descended.  No longer was the cheery glass-jingling, tin-can-clashing sound of the recycling lorry heard in our lane. 

I rang the council again.  Several times.  I was enormously polite - indeed, some would say, cheery -  but at the same time, pressing. 
In which social media comes rather unexpectedly to the rescue.  )
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EG in this news story.

Who ARE these women? How were they chosen? Why didn't they ask ME? Have the women they asked experienced the annoyance of finding useful information and innocent material randomly blocked, without, at the same time, actually screening out stuff that makes you go EEEW? (I recently had to replace the 'national lottery funded' logo on an extremely earnest and 100% childsafe website, because school automated filters were unable to tell that the logo did not mean the website was about gambling...)

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Interesting blog here : http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/ourwork/b/martinharper/archive/2011/12/14/a-sad-day-for-badgers-and-for-farmers.aspx

There seems to be quite a consensus (in blogs that I read anyway) that vaccines (whether for badgers, or for cows) are the most effective & humane way to go with the TB problem, but I wonder if vaccine development is more difficult than it appears, given that it seems to have taken so long to develop one and we still don't seem to have a working vaccine.

Since something PWWBBIHHALJ said, I always wonder when I see badgers dead on the roadside, if they were really killed by traffic accidents, or if dropping the body by a busy road is a convenient way to dispose of the evidence...


Jul. 15th, 2011 11:39 am
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Not sure how I feel about our ludicrous one-sided extradition treaty with the USA now being a pop culture reference. Mind you if it is all down to aliens, that would at least be some sort of explanation for the damn thing.

On the other hand : Yay!  Rhossili beach!   I was going to post a photo of the hounds running there, but philmophlegm beat me to it with a photo with Gwen and Rhys's house in the background. 

This means that philmophlegm, despite his air of elaborate scorn for all things canine -  has posted, unprompted, a photo of a doggy. Bwahahahahahaha!

... and another thing, the Kindle version of A Dance with Dragons is 20p more expensive than the print copy.  Surely paper is more expensive than bandwidth? Or is it purely lack of competition?


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