Jun. 26th, 2017 04:01 pm
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I really hate the style of form captcha where one must demonstrate that one is a human being by choosing all the photos that contain cars, or all the photos that contain street signs, for example.

I don't know how people with vision impairments get past them at all.  You have nine poor quality fuzzy images, some of which show part of an item that might, or might not, be a car or a street sign.  And then there is the 'is this a car /  street sign?' question.  I just failed a captcha because an image showed me a thing that I would call a bus.  But apparently to a captcha, it's a car.   And if the 'street sign' shows a different language or indeed alphabet, sometimes you can't work out exactly what it is.  Or it shows you a photo with what are probably cars, but they are tiny and far away!

Aaaaaaaaaaa!   Come back, mental arithmetic captchas, all is forgiven! 

No! No! No!

Mar. 8th, 2017 12:12 am
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If you are running a database with an API that other people have to connect to and pull data out of using scripts they had to write, you don't just RANDOMLY CHANGE THE FIELD STRUCTURE AND CAPITALISATION TO MAKE IT PRETTIER!

Without any notice, or information, other than just updating your own documentation, so that bunn, staring blankly at code she wrote months ago, has to go and look at the documentation, and stare as if seeking enlightenment at the data coming out of the database, to finally figure out that, oh yes, all these fields that were named like this, are now named like that!

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Mandos: "Tears unnumbered ye shall shed; and the Valar will fence Valinor against you, and shut you out, so that not even the echo of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains. On the House of Fëanor the wrath of the Valar lieth from the West unto the uttermost East, and upon all that will follow them it shall be laid also.

Manwë : almost immediately sends Eagle to help Fingon, who quite clearly should be counted as a follower of the House of Fëanor, rescue Fëanor ’s eldest son.

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Nov. 5th, 2016 08:12 pm
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Are so bloody annoying, with their eyes and noses.  Eyes are the worst. One small blob of paint in the wrong place and BAM. Squinting Troll.

Maybe I should just focus on painting squinting trolls from now on. 
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Here. It asks things like 'choose a statement: I hate technology | I love technology'

THAT IS AN IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE.  I both loathe and love technology.  It is the yin-yang of my life.   What kind of insanely simplistic reality forces a choice like that?

Also 'It is better to : be yourself | be polite'.  Well, that would depend how much of an arsehole you habitually are.   If you are the kind of lovely person who is overly polite and nobody can work out whether you actually want a biscuit or a cup of tea, then for god's sake stop being so damn polite and just tell us what your biscuit choice is.  We really would prefer that.

 However, if like me you are the kind of person where everyone you know is already bored with your opinions and there is visible wincing when you open your mouth, sit down, shut up and work on the 'polite' thing.

I was a Neutral Good Human Ranger, which is,frankly, a very dull outcome, so I'm not posting the whole thing as I am sulking about it.

In other news, I heard a noise this morning that I did not recognise at first, a sort of slightly resonant rhythmic thud with a sort of slight crunch to it.  After a moment's confused listening, I worked out that it was a thrush hitting a snail on a stone.  That was once an utterly familiar, normal and domestic kind of sound, and I am somewhat shocked that things have now reached the stage where I hear woodpeckers and owls far more often than a thrush.
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Bought a pile of Tesco socks, despite my objection to Tesco on their strategy of absurd drama-mongering press releases, like the Marmite thing. Honestly, Tesco always run that kind of story and people always fall for it and share the latest story that is 100% calculated to catch the eye by being zeitgesty and a bit controversial,  support the Tesco brand narrative that they are the champions of cheapness and then softly and silently vanish away afterwards like a boojum.  All Tesco news stories are boojums, except for the odd one that they'd prefer you not to know about, involving accounting scandals.

Anyway, I went to the women's sock section, and it was full of small, elegant and often rather frilly or decorated socks.  None of them looked warm.  You could buy plain black ones, but they were thin and clearly designed for wearing with Smart Womanly Shoes, not stomping through mud in boots.

So I went to the mens section again and stocked up on thick, warm socks in attractive shades of blue, purple and green, for noticeably less than it would have cost me to buy thin chilly Woman Socks.  Fortunately I am blessed with relatively large feet.

FEET HAVE NO GENITALS, TESCO.   I really don't understand why all socks are not presented in one row, going from Very Small to Very Big. I don't object to the existence of thin socks with sparkly kittens on, but I reckon that at least 80% of dogwalkers I meet are female, and there was not a single sock in the 'women's  section' that was well-adapted to that sort of life.

ETA: yeah, yeah, I know.  Don't give them money and then go away and moan about them on the internet : take the money elsewhere to someone who does it right.  But I'm SO lazy and also I have this internet right here to whinge into! 


Mar. 21st, 2016 01:46 pm
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I waited in the optician,where there was free internet. And now I am waiting at the tyre place where there is free internet. And I have a smartphone so should be adequately entertained. Yet no. I hate smartphones! I keep making typos and the screen is too small and half the functionality of everything is crippled. Aaaaaaa. Turns off stupid tiny phone to read newspaper. On paper

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That infuriating moment when you realise that, once again, the reason it didn't work is not because you don't understand and are clueless and should give up and go away,  but merely because you made a really stupid syntax error, which you did not spot because you assumed the problem was you were Doing Everything Wrong.

I need to have more confidence in my general comprehension skills, and much less confidence in my punctuation and basic error-checking. 
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Here is a social attitudes survey, via [ profile] huinare
I found this somewhat hilarious, because it kept asking questions in the form 'Our country' or 'We' without taking into account that the facts about'our country' or 'we' are going to be dramatically different depending on which country / 'we' is involved.

It concluded:
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I have few strong opinions! I am pretty sure that anyone who has met me for more than about 20 seconds would be somewhat amazed by this verdict. I think what they mean is, I can instantly come up with two diametrically-opposed scenarios for almost any question. The ratings for 'socialism' surprised me a bit too!


Mar. 19th, 2013 02:16 pm
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I'm so sorry 2013. I'm afraid I still hate informational web video.

Video on the web is great for entertainment, to show off things that are visually spectacular or comic in a physical way. But PLEASE! How much of my life must I spend sitting through:

"Click. click. Great! Sooooo, ahhhhhhh, welcome, everyone.
Um, um, this is a showcase of [thing that I have already read on the screen six times while you have been umming]
I'm going to be shooooooooooooowing you [description of thing I am now already bored of] aaaaaaaaand ...[click] let me just start with some introductions. I am [name I ALREADY READ ON THE SODDING SCREEN, OK???] and I hold [job I already know about BECAUSE IT'S ON THE SCREEN] and also joining us are [people whose names I've read and I don't CARE about because how long do I have to wait for some actual informational content around here???]"

Grrrrrrrrr. Just put your notes on the web in text form! Honestly, my eyes are so much quicker than your voice!

ETA : it has just occurred to me that the word 'Showcase' in internet terms means 'Superficial and uninformative'. 
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It's really annoying when you have to choose a 'memorable date' and the only options are in the 20th and 21st centuries.   I don't find those centuries particularly Memorable (as opposed to memorable, which is quite different) and I can never remember dates to the day of the month anyway, because I long ago decided that trying to remember and work out in my head which dates were from the Gregorian calendar, and which Julian calendar, and where the two swapped in various parts of the world was far to much work, so I always say gaily 'In June' or even better 'In the late spring of  1486'. That is Close Enough for Jazz, particularly when the person recording the date probably wrote it down wrong anyway.  

It's bad enough that you are never allowed to choose a date before 1000 because the systems always expect 4 digits. 
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How many people really want to read this article I desire about crime in Roman Egypt, published 1963 - and are able to do so?  I'm guessing maybe 6, but I think that might even be an overestimate.  And there isn't even a way to pay an exorbitant fee and get access to the bloody thing!   I know it is there, but it might as well be sealed inside a capsule on the bloody Moon.

I was reading a 'success story' article today about someone using Google Adsense to successfully monetise content, and it occurs to me that rather than stick all these bloody paywalls everywhere and make it next to impossible to get through the sodding things, it might be a better thing for everyone involved if they just bunged them up - past a certain date in the past maybe - as freeware on cheap hosting, and ran a really good properly structured set of ad campaigns against them.

Is it over-suspicious to suspect that universities wouldn't like this as it might mean people actually learning stuff and drawing conclusions without their expensive mediation...?  Or is is just OMG, advertising!  That's like... TRADE!  OH THE HORROR!!!  We'll be knighting the grandchildren of mill-owners next and then where will we be?
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I just cannot bring myself to enjoy this theme, and wish to rant about it. Apologies to those who do enjoy it.  Psychic wolves that soulbond with human beings are not wolves

A wolf is, by definition - arguably more so than with any other species - a wild animal that does not choose to form bonds with humans. (It may do so if forced, but that's a bit of a Stockholm Syndrome situation...)

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IE6 is 10 years old.  TEN!   And it was never very good.  If YOU or any of your family or friends are using IE6, please consider using software that isn't approaching puberty? It's safer!  It's better!  It's all round the Right Thing to Do! 

I have someone reporting a site not displaying quite right in IE6. I don't consider this an error.  I consider this to be a form of public service.
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In other news, I have decided that my loathing of sodding Facebook is now so great that I shall try to use it only for essential Oldies Club communications and nothing else.  People don't interact thoughtfully there and there is far too much utter bollocks hiding in the crevices.  I know it is usual to object to the Facebook interface, but I don't think I really have a problem with that, it's more that I come away from the communications of individuals and groups feeling irritable.

I think this is partly because it gives the illusion of contact with people without any reality to it.  Because the audience is so broad, one tends to share only the most superficial things: those who are prepared to share everything with the world use it as a one-way broadcast medium in a way which makes me feel uncomfortable.

I can't quite pin down why I feel cramped and uncomfortable using facebook and not, say Twitter, which I find much more appealing and open.  I mostly use the @oldiesclub twitter account but I may try to use my own @cycas account a little more in future.

I gave up on Google plus, I've still got one but found it too noisy and distracting. I know I can filter, but it just seemed too fiddly.

This is the first post that I have ever used the 'morose' mood option on.  Strangely, this cheered me up, so the mood is now a bit of a lie :-D
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I do wish it were possible to exclude screenshots from computer games from image searches.  I'm trying to draw people galloping about on horseback and to do this, I would like actual photos of people on horseback, rather than:
  1. Screenshots from Civilisation
  2. Total War screenshots
  3. Wargaming miniatures
  4. Mount and Blade screenshots
  5. More Civilisation screenshots
  6. Lord of the Rings Online screenshots (not the film, the game)
  7. More bloody Total War screenshots
I wouldn't mind if ANY of these games actually featured realistic looking horses (or people) rather than weirdly deformed Uncanny Valley horses and people with joints in places where no human being has joints.  Maybe the game designers can't actually find any real horses to copy?

 I'm not sure, either, why genuinely attractive photos of real animals tend to get posted at less than 500 pixels across, making it hard to see detail, whereas screenshots from games are posted at 2000 pixels+ across, even though the game screenshots don't have as much detail to be lost in compression. I suspect though that gamers are better at text tagging than horsy people, and post images on busier websites, thus getting a comparitive advantage in search engine terms. 
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I strongly recommend you avoid dropping a laptop on your toes. If you must drop a laptop on your toes, choose a small light one, not a 17" Vaio designed with blade-like sharpened edges and apparently lined with granite. 

Before you ask, YES the bloody laptop is fine! It landed on something soft.  It landed, in fact, at about lunchtime, and the toe still hurts!  Stupid toe. 

This afternoon, I did a homecheck for a Dog Rescue Myth -  the active retired couple with no kids, no pets, home a lot, real dog lovers with a fully enclosed garden, who live in the country with their own land. Every other dog owner who wants to hand a dog in seems to believe that we have an ample supply of these paragons, and I think this is the first time I have ever actually met them. They seem to be real after all, though I do wish there were a lot more of them.

Oh, also, on the topic of dog rescue?  Cesar Milan.  Just NO. I am SICK of dogs bouncing from homes that think they know about dog behaviour because they watched a couple of shows with that self-dramatising little wanker and decide to throw dogs on their backs or diagnose them with aggression that frankly, they have not got.  

Happy New Year all.  I hope the rest of 2012 will be less painful. Now I shall limp slowly and melodramatically away to have a bath. 
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In googling for something quite other, I found an old discussion of Sutcliff's Sword at Sunset (a book of which I am unreasonably fond), in which the commenters lay into the author for having written on a topic they found distasteful.  Incest.   Yes, they felt that including incest in an Arthurian story was something that rendered the whole book unreadable.  

 I assume they haven't read Malory.  Good grief.   I then became annoyed, and wished to share my annoyance with The Internet.   Then I had a long agonised internal debate with myself whether to use my 'history' tag for this post.  This was quite ludicrous. I am therefore tagging it 'loons' and including myself in the tag... 
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I think I'm with Paula Radcliffe on this one.  An extra £41 million on razzmatazz for - not even a sporting event, just the introduction to a sporting event -  seems a bit pointless.    And really, not very British either.  I mean, OK, the Chinese had fireworks.  But they invented fireworks.  They're entitled.   Fireworks may be fun, but when it comes down to it, it's just a really loud way to burn money. 

Surely a more typically British way of doing things would be to halve the budget and then somehow manage to muddle through with something that to everyone's surprise actually kind of works. 

Things I think would be cheap and should feature in a truly British opening ceremony. 

1) rain & mud
2) people talking loudly about the weather, and how there's no really bad sorts, only the wrong clothes (I suspect this is a less popular view in tornado & drought-ravaged countries) 
3) tea, scones, beer and chicken tikka masala
4) randomised bureaucracy  - maybe there would be pre-emptive feedback forms or something that the audience would have to wave in a synchronised manner. 
5) music
6) the sea
7) whinging, sarcasm and comments that appear polite but have a dark inner meaning.
8) The class system
9) Britain in Bloom (an organisation which brings together most of 1-8) 

How could this fail to be an opening ceremony discussed with excitement, confusion, suspicion and delighted disappointment for 999 days to come?
bunn: (No whining) - the UK Kennel Club explains why buying a puppy from a pet shop is a really bad idea for the puppy, the new owner, and the puppy's parents.  - about the reality of the nightmarish breeding conditions behind a dog in a pet shop window. - more about where pet shop puppies really come from.  Upsetting. - the Dogs Trust campaign against battery farmed dogs.

Arguably no animal should be sold in a pet shop: it's difficult for shops to provide appropriate care and the right environment.  But selling dogs - big animals with specific needs and lots of teeth - purely on the criteria of ' has this person got money' is insanely stupid.

I foster rescue dogs.  So far, I have not volunteered to foster an ex-puppy farm dog.  This is because puppy farm dogs are popularly reputed to be bloody difficult and I know my limits.  Buying a puppy farm dog - and don't fall for the line that dogs in pet shops are anything else -  it is wrong, encourages a horrible industry, and may well  leave you with a dog that is scarred emotionally or horribly ill.   Yes, they come with guarantees.  But who takes a living sick puppy back to the shop for a refund?


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