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Was listening to pollsters being quizzed on BBC Radio 2 about Why They Got It Wrong at lunchtime. Much talk of percentages of variation and people not wanting to give socially unacceptable answers in telephone polls.

But I wondered, as I did with Brexit, if it is possible that the emphatic reporting of polls itself changes peoples voting intentions?

If the candidate/option you prefer appears to be winning, does that decrease the likelihood that less enthused voters who prefer that option but aren't wild about it, would turn out?

Did it increase the likelihood that Trump voters vote, seeing Clinton in the lead and reported as a probable winner?

I'm just wondering if 'Hell no!' is a more effective voting motivator than 'let's just make sure about this'.
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Tragically it is very very hot, and  I have drunk too much beer so my dog walking is likely to be erratic.

But I typed this post eventually with all the letters in order so I think that proves I am now sober enough to be In Charge of Hounds.

Remains to be seen if I shall make it home or go to sleep in a hedge 


Jan. 10th, 2016 08:23 pm
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 I was puzzled by the identity of these ducks today.  The one with the red face is male, and he is the sort of large, spectacularly ugly duck I often see hanging about on the slip at Calstock.  I had assumed that these were domesticated ducks, although I have had a look at the Websites of Duck Identification with no success.

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This book came with a recommendation by Ursula Le Guin on the cover  "If Le Carré scares you, read Jo Walton"  it said.    So, here is a quote from one of my very favouritist authors, referencing one of my other very favouritist authors?  Ooo!

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I must confess, I assumed when we wandered through this morning that this must be a later mine because there's so much preserved: lots of deep holes, still gaping alarmingly, multiple buildings still in use, that sort of thing.  But it turns out that this is not due to less time passing, so much as the preservative action of the National Trust, and the absence of any other use of the valley.  So, this is called Calstock Cotehele Consols mine, and this is its the chimney and associated engine house (now a holiday cottage) from the early nineteenth century.
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While I was taking photos, I must have dropped my phone from my coat pocket. Fortunately, before I had missed it, a helpful couple of people had picked it up, called me to tell me I'd lost it, driven up to our village, enquired for me at the pub, been given elaborate and confusing directions by the assorted denizens of the pub, and finally called me to confirm my location before delivering it back to me. What lovely people!
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Jörmungandr the World Serpent,



Also, who would win?
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I read this article http://www.psmag.com/health-and-behavior/confident-idiots-92793  which goes into some detail about how Everyone Is Wrong About Everything.

But seems to me to miss a point about WHY they go on being wrong.  It seems to me that being a confident idiot is not just more comforting: it is also more workable and financially more lucrative than accepting your inevitable incompetence and curling up in a corner.  And it's not like whatever it is won't be done by SOME confident idiot, and very likely the other guy is no better than you.

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Aug. 18th, 2015 02:28 pm
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On Kit Hill this morning, I gallumphed among the heather and the golden stems of dried grass under deep blue skies, surrounded by clouds of tiny fluttering white moths.

For much of my walk. I was tormented by a particularly persistent and malignant horsefly which seemed bent on following me wherever I went, despite my feeble attempts to out-run it, my random irritated flailing and the rich selection of curses that I rained upon it and all its ilk .

It has been suggested that the more clothes you have on, the more savage the bugs.   If this is true, I dread to think what this one would have been like if I had encountered it while wearing a coat.  Possibly I would have had to fight it off with a spear.

Anyway, in between the flailing, thwacking, etc,  I considered this problem and came up with MANY THEORIES:
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At the moment the dogs do not want to go for a walk on the hill.  What they want to do is stare intently at a gorsebush while wagging.

After a while, they leap over the gorse bush and stare equally intently at the other side of it.  While wagging.  This can go on for hours.
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Just saw this posted by a local hotel, bragging about the themed wedding they are about to host.

I wish the weddees well, but... a Game of Thrones wedding? Really?  That's... brave...   I hope nobody gets their throat slit and bleeds on the white tablecloths, that's all I'm saying.
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While walking the dogs, I met in passing a chap in our village.  He was outside a house having a smoke, and he greeted me with some observation about the weather, and patted Brythen.

Normally I would have chatted back in a more enthusiastically friendly manner, but I had a vague feeling that someone had told me something was suspect about this particular person, so while polite, I made rather more of an effort to move on quickly without engaging than I would do normally.

Only about five minutes later did it occur to me that my vague feelings of distrust and suspicion had their root in the fact that he bore a noticeable resemblance in appearance and clothing to Owen Harper, from Torchwood.   Whoops.

People who tell you to 'go with your gut instinct' presumably don't suffer from this kind of problem.   My instincts are constantly swayed by being bathed in a sea of suspicious and dubious characters and improbable scenarios from around the galaxy.  They rarely seem to have any validity.  
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Generally we only get the cheapest Google promotional gimmickry sent to us, so this does beg the question of whether out there somewhere, a big London agency has received, say, the Gift of Alstroemeria Seed*, the Gift of Unusual Basil*, or perhaps even, the Gift of Exotic Mushroom Spawn.

* a quick look at the Chiltern Seed Catalogue suggests that Alstroemeria plants and novelty basils are right up there when it comes to expensive seed.   I can see why with the novelty basil, every time I grew the weird exciting ones they always got greenfly.  Stick to plain old basil, is my advice. 
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I bought two new dog beds today.   After much agonising over online options, I decided to actually take the dogs to choose beds, so that I could check they would fit.  So, I got the beds off the shelf, and I made the dogs sit in the beds to check that they were the right size.  And I swear, in the shop they WERE the right size.

Now we have got home, both beds appear to be rather too small for the dogs for which they were purchased! I conclude that my dogs are actually larger when they are inside my house.    At present, the nice new bed I bought for Rosie is quite empty, and the big squishy bed I bought for Brythen is occupied by a small and enormously smug Bungle cat.   Both dogs are upstairs on their old beds quaking at the sheer horror of being expected to cope with new beds.

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I observe that the children of people that I know, if judged entirely on photography, would appear to be all stunningly attractive. Photographs that I own of people that I know from their own teen and childhood years, and photos of members of my own family suggest that by comparison, humanity up to about 20 years ago was largely composed of odd-looking, grumpy-faced or mad-looking and somewhat furtive trolls.

Either some sort of alien intervention has taken place unnoticed, or nowadays, people get photographed so often, and get to see the results so instantly, they have on the whole, got a lot better at being in photographs.

I expect Future Historians to come up with a complicated theory about nutrition and dentistry. Or to go with the alien intervention thing.
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Rosie Roo has tummy trouble, to the point where I took her to the vet last night. Vet was concerned (apart fom the immediate problem) that she is still so very thin - she has put on a kilo or so since she has been here, but after two days of not eating, that's already falling off again. She just isnt' a big eater, and it's hard to tempt her appetite : her bowl is often left half-full. So, vet said 'OK, we will take her out the back, get some blood samples and give her an antibiotic and antinausea jab'.

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We'd rather give ourselves electric shocks than be alone with our thoughts, says new study

I was interested by that news story, and thought about it as I mowed the lawn. It seemed odd to me that they ruled out the person who had found a pen and started making a 'to do' list. Surely, that is a person who is not only comfortable alone with their thoughts, but has decided that their thoughts were so useful, they were worried about forgetting them and wanted to record them for their future convenience?

One thing I sometimes like to do in my head is design elaborate rabbit houses. It seems an odd and arbitrary division to say that you are alone with your thoughts while you work out how the doors would be secured and what materials to use for the roof and how to cut a pleasing set of curved windows that could be shuttered in the winter, but to say that as soon as you start to draw the thing on paper, you are somehow operating outside your head. I often write things in my head, but my head has very poor storage facilities so I forget them. Otherwise this blog would have a lot more stuff in it.

I wonder what people who would rather shock themselves with electricity than be alone with their thoughts, think about while mowing the lawn or hoovering? I can't believe anyone thinks about the mowing.
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Is a very fine name, but personally I think the name Thorolf Mostbeard may be the finest of all Viking names.  I hope he really did have Mostbeard, and it wasn't one of those Little John style names, making fun of his weedy and inadequate chinfungus. 
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I've just discovered that a photo I took of my dessert is being used in a way that I had never anticipated.  


That's MY pudding in the middle there, captioned "You really want this, don’t you? Well, stop it!" !! It was in some Icelandic cafe or other. Now it is a poster child for arrant gluttony!

( I uploaded that photo to a free-to-use photo archive and gave away the copyright. I just thought it was funny where it had ended up!)
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I have become very fed up of removing 21 tiny screws in order to open up the back of my laptop, which I needed to do in order to :
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So last night I rebelled and after fixing the power jack again, I only replaced 15 screws. Because I'm going to have to take them all out again, aren't I...

Apparently one of those screws I didn't replace was the screw that was causing my Windows updates to fail?

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Now I am installing update 12 of 37, and wondering whether this Toshiba would be a useable replacement.Read more... )And I am absolutely, definitely never buying a Vaio again.  Not only is this power jack socket cheap and horrid, (and bending it back into place so it works is starting to knacker the plastic around it) but I can't even find anyone in Europe who will sell me a replacement for it. *rage* 


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