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And it is hot and I am eating ice lollies, although it's not so hot that I can't sit here wearing a thin fleece, which is About Right.  It's a pity it's horsefly season.

I have killed my laptop mouse yet again, and am having to operate with a touchpad until the new mouse comes.  I don't like it, it feels weird and unnaaaaaaaatural and horribly slow and fiddly.

Also I wrote yet another thing where people in Tol Eressea hang around after LOTR thinking 'we've run out of canon, what shall we do?  Eat cake and talk about canon again?  Why not?'
Even The Very Wise : 7367 words of Lalwen, Galadriel and Nerdanel chatting and eating cake.  Plus a phonecall with Fëanor.


Jun. 18th, 2017 03:07 pm
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It is hot. I walked in Deerpark wood, hoping to avoid too much sun and flies. Most of the year, Deerpark wood is a walk that definitely requires wellies, because there are so many small streams running everywhere through it that it gets quite muddy, particularly where riders have taken horses through, but on a day like this, there is little mud and the many tiny streams are clear and sparkling. I know it must be really hot because Rosie got into one stream right up to her elbows! Most unusual behaviour for Madam I Can't My Feet Might Get Wet.

She also spent some time huffing and puffing down rabbit holes, like the Big Bad Wolf. She sticks her head in as far as it will go, and presumably, she can see or hear or smell the rabbit, not far away. Because once she has jammed herself in there, she huffs and blows. I am not sure if she is hoping that if she puffs hard enough the rabbit will shoot out of one of the other holes? That's certainly what it looks like.

The foxgloves are still in bloom and there are places where you have to scramble your way through tall purple groves of them. Down by the lower streams, the yellow monkeyflower is everywhere. It's not a native plant here, so I would guess that someone once dumped some garden waste in the wood and the streams have carried the seeds everywhere. And in between the foxgloves and the monkeyflowers, the white foamy flowers of wild carrot, which I usually call Queen Anne's Lace, but for some reason they looked more carroty today.
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A fabulous warm sunny day on Saturday.  I shall go for a long walk, I thought!  But when I got halfway up the hill, I remembered I still had a cold, and was very wheezy.  So I hastily rethought my route and paused to take some photos.  Here we are pausing, and admiring the early cherry tree.

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Today I was more ambitious and walked further, doing a walk that involves a steep uphill climb on the way home.  Oh lord, that was a mistake.  I have spent the rest of the day wrapped around a bath, a book and a lemsip.  So I still have not done the long walk I planned, but the hounds seem to be prepared to accept that I'm not quite up to providing a mega-walk today, thank goodness.  They are fast asleep. 
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If Pp had not borrowed my car to take the Shop on the Borderlands to the Plymouth War-games show, I might have taken an Excursion, but as it was I just went out for a wander down the valley to admire the mist.  The snowdrops are almost out, but they're looking a little draggled.  But the mist and sky were beautiful.

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Despite today's miserable fog and drizzle, we've had some good days this week.  Here's the view out across the village to Dartmoor, after snow has fallen on the high moors.  We often get this weather with the river valley in sunshine and cloud and snow up on the hills.

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And these are from a frosty walk a couple of days later.  I love the way the light glows on the frost.
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Pp, being a man with a keen appreciation of the things that are most important in my life, has bought me a late Christmas present of a pair of wellies!
They are Dunlop purofort wellies, which is the kind I had before, but these are the reinforced kind, so I hope will be a little more resistant to sharp tree-roots, sharp slates buried in mud,  unexpected lumps of granite and etcs than my previous pair.  Purofort is definitely worth paying for: these are both warmer than ordinary plastic wellies, and much more comfortable.  I walked a couple of miles in them today and they were FINE.

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The aftermath of a couple of miles walk in horrible mizzling rain:
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What else have I done this week?  Oh yes, we had lunch with my mother yesterday and I am stupidly behind on work as is fairly usual for December / January and really need to get my act together.   Despite this, and having resolved to work this weekend, I didn't.Read more... )
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I had thought that the frost might be gone by the time I had finished wrapping the dogs up in layers of coats, but no, down in the valley, the frost was still lying on the old Gunnislake Clitters mine.

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Rosie in a sunbeam.  I forgot to take her muzzle and decided to let her go without for once, since I was pretty sure I was the only person on this path that day.  We didn't see anyone else at all, only squirrels.

Brythen posing.   Sometimes he picks just the right spot to stand and stare longingly at squirrels.
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And here are just some photos of pretty trees along my morning walks.  Mostly beech, although the first one has some sweet chestnut on the right too.  This first photo is all growing on old arsenic mine spoilheaps.
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Oct. 25th, 2016 09:35 am
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It is the time of year when 'getting up' means 'everyone race to the gas fire, she's turned it on!'  Including me.

Henning cat is just out of shot.  Yama Bungle is ... actually where is Yama Bungle?  Eating All The Breakfast, I darkly suspect.
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Because I am walking in shade a lot of the time since the valleys are so steep, so when you come up a hill into the light it feels a bit special.

Here is Brythen emerging from a Chasm.  I made him do it twice (with the aid of liver cake) because I missed him the first time but he did it so fast that I still didn't quite catch him coming over the lip of the Chasm.

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Although I actually took this photo, credit for the concept and title goes to my mother.  :-D  

We had said that today we would go to Saltash, to look at Art.  To Saltash we went, therefore, through torrential pouring rain, and visited an exhibition which was perhaps a little abstract for our tastes, in a gallery poised dramatically on the edge of the river.   If I were unkind, I would say it was generally stronger on concepts than execution.

But then, on the way home, we stopped off at Simon Young's home gallery, also in Saltash, which was much more our kind of thing  ('You must be very British!' he exclaimed, seeing us looming out of the gloom in waterproofs and umbrellas).  I've linked to his website, but to be honest it does not really do credit to his work, which is all in watercolours and has a beautiful light touch to it.  He is ex-army and showed us some of his sketchbooks which he had made during his army career, as well as his later work since retirement, and we both loved it.    He's working on a project at the moment to paint scenes of war memorials, roughly a hundred years on from the First World War, which seemed a very touching and delightful one.

Then we went into Saltash as I was hoping to buy a new white pastel stick, but the art shop had closed early, presumably due to the rain.  So instead we went to a lovely cafe and had excellent coffee, tea and very fresh and delicious cake, all served in delicate china painted with rosebuds.  On the whole, there are worse ways to spend a persistently rainy day. 
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But then in the evening I went and checked, and there were three ripe ones!

Today, based on a weather forecast of no rain and light winds, we had planned a long canoe expedition, but in reality (not in the alternative dimension that is weather-forecast-land) it has rained pretty much continuously since 8am, and shows no sign of letting up.  I'm guessing this is the rain that was forecast for yesterday, then, given that yesterday's forecast was for rain which failed to show.

I and the dogs all got very wet on the morning dogwalk, and getting wet again in a canoe seems an uninviting prospect, even though it would give me a chance to test the bailer that I cunningly made from an old paraffin jug.  Tomorrow, perhaps.

Since we dutifully cleaned all the things yesterday when we could have been canoeing,   today looks like a day of writing and drawing all the things instead.  Hey ho!
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Yesterday I went over to Mary Tavy to watch a Shakespeare in the Garden production. Read more... )

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I've downloaded a copy of Synfig, an animation program, to play with. Because apparently I don't already have enough art supplies. I am hoping that it may be possible to use Synfig to produce animations created from pastel drawings, in some way. What could possibly go wrong?

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On the other hand, the blackberries are ripening. This morning (on my long non-foster dog walk) I picked blackberries and ate the good ones, and kept the rest to chuck to the three pigs. I feel pigs probably don't mind their blackberries slightly squashed or maggoty.

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This evening we were just setting off to walk the dogs when we saw a pair of biplanes overhead! I didn't think you still got biplanes.
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I walked up through the quarry on the hill this morning.  I like to go that way on Sundays, as it's quiet then with no Monster Trucks moving and no huge bangs.  The huge bangs do shake the whole hillside when they happen, including our house, but I imagine they must be much scarier up close, with the warning sirens wailing.

It was a wild windy morning, the bare trees on the hill all bending with a tremendous rushing sound in the wind coming over from Dartmoor.  The road runs below the hilltop, so it is sheltered, but the trees up on the top were roaring.

I went up on the road that runs through the quarry, and could hear a strange distant music.  The whole place was shut up, with nobody about at all. Eventually I realised that the music must be the wind blowing through the metal steps and rails and bars that are arranged around the vast funnels and tubes and pipes that the quarry uses to process its sands and gravels.

The sound was like something between tubular bells, distant church bells on a windy day, and someone blowing a tune on a series of partially-filled bottles.  It was surprisingly beautiful.

I've heard mines singing before, when the wind races across the top of a chimney on a hillside, it can have a sort of deep voice.  But never a whole organs-worth of accidental instruments all singing together. 
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I can report that laurel, even a laurel that was once, perhaps fifty years ago, part of a hedge, but is now well on the way to becoming a Forest Giant, is  no match for a sudden hailstorm, and that one wall and no roof does, as Sam observed, not make a house.   I thought the huge thunderstorm last night had temporarily exhausted the malice of the weather, but no such luck.


Dec. 30th, 2015 03:44 pm
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This morning, when I tried to walk the dogs in the rain, Brythen and I could have posed for a sculpture named 'The irresistible force and the immovable object'. Even with a coat on he was hard to get out of the porch, and then he ran into the neighbour's garage and had to be winkled out of there. But since he had not been outdoors for well over 12 hours, I felt that it was that or kidney failure.

Rosie, oddly, seemed to quite enjoy the outing, particularly when a fox, assuming that no sane human or dog would be outside in this weather, seized a screaming rabbit in the fields and thus had to be pursued at top saluki speed into the hedge.

This afternoon, there has been much rushing about and yipping upstairs. I don't know what she was doing, because every time I went up to investigate she was sitting down looking terribly serious, having clearly heard me coming.
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Fell over on this morning's dog walk and bashed my knee quite hard on a granite boulder.  Seriously Ow.  STILL Ow.  Stupid boulders.

But at least it was sunny, so time to slaughter a tree and drag it into the house.  This involved some serious sawing (note to self, really need new blade for the bow saw!)   We chopped quite a lot off the bottom before we dragged it to the house, but once we'd got it there, it was clear that we had quite ludicrously overestimated.  But that was OK.  After all, it's easier to chop it off than stick it back on.   More sawing required...
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It was such a beautiful morning I resolved to do a long walk.  i got to Greenscombe wood, and I thought , oh drat, I forgot that at this time of year, the north side of a hill is so dark and gloomy!  But I took some photos anyway.  Here's the Cornwall side of the ford.  The dogs seemed rather sad about the shade, and were rather clingy.  Rosie kept rushing back to assure me that she was still here, if I wanted to rethink my choice of walk and go somewhere sunny.

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No snow, but it's cold and damp and gloomy. The time has come for the the central heating to be on.   When I walked down to the river this morning, it was the first time this year that I didn't arrive back at the top of the long steep slope, pink and hot and carrying my coat.

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