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Mar. 8th, 2017 12:12 am
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If you are running a database with an API that other people have to connect to and pull data out of using scripts they had to write, you don't just RANDOMLY CHANGE THE FIELD STRUCTURE AND CAPITALISATION TO MAKE IT PRETTIER!

Without any notice, or information, other than just updating your own documentation, so that bunn, staring blankly at code she wrote months ago, has to go and look at the documentation, and stare as if seeking enlightenment at the data coming out of the database, to finally figure out that, oh yes, all these fields that were named like this, are now named like that!

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Scrolling quickly through messages telling me which IP addresses have been autoblocked on various websites that I work on, because of dodgy-looking activity over the festive season, I notice that there is a sudden upswing in Russian and Ukrainian IP addresses.  (My sites are almost all hosted in the UK, because dealing with the data wrangles of hosting outside the EU is a headache I do not need).

Normally, attempts to get into my websites come largely from the USA and (inexplicably) France.   The orthodoxy, I believe,  is to assume that these US attacks are not really from the US, but are from US-based machines hijacked from Eastern Europe.  (I don't know about the French thing.  Nobody else seems to be specially targeted by the French, so I have seen no discussion on it).

I don't know what to make of the sudden prominence of Russian IPs.  Have the US authorities cracked down on the hijacked machines?  Are the new attacks reported as Russian and Ukrainian, actually now coming from hijackers physically located in the USA, in a kind of weird symmetry?  Is it entirely chance?

I'll probably never know.  I can only feel vaguely reassured that the software is doing its thing and nobody is complaining. 
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A few months back I was at the recycling centre with some boxes, and happened to notice that the cardboard recycling skip was full of large rectangular pieces of what looked like cardboard picture mounts - ie, the middle bit that gets cut out of the mount when you have something framed.    I became enamoured of them and grabbed a huge pile of them out of the skip (what?  I put other cardboard in the skip!  The Cardboard-eating Skip Monster does not go hungry on my account!)

Anyway, I have been drawing on these cardboard rectangles, and they are excellent.  You don't have the bits of paper flopping about like with a sketchbook, they are light, and yet quite rigid so you don't need to put them on top of anything to support them, you can draw with one on your lap.  They aren't all quite the same size and proportions, but that's fine, I don't mind.  They have the odd pencil squiggle on them, but I can rub that out, and they take paint well so I can also overpaint them.

I don't even know what these things are called, let alone how to get more of them.  I'm wondering if I called a picture framing shop and asked if they had any middles, they'd think I was mad.

In other news, I hate writing proposals, and will apparently do almost anything to avoid finishing this one.  Writing proposals is THE WORST. 
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I wrote this intermittently through the day while waiting for things to transfer across the internet, half-expecting LJ to lose it, but it hasn't.  It's a bit rambling.

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Dear brain

Dec. 2nd, 2015 03:13 pm
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No, you may not have a nap
No, you may not have another cup of tea.
No, you may not pet the cat.
No, you may not use social media.
No, you may not paint.
No, sneakily researching painting reference images does not count as productivity.

Just do the bloody work, OK?


Oh all right.  You may have more coffee.  If you must.   And you may give the dogs a 2-minute training session, it's supposed to be good for their brains, maybe it will do something for human brains too.
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I read this article  which goes into some detail about how Everyone Is Wrong About Everything.

But seems to me to miss a point about WHY they go on being wrong.  It seems to me that being a confident idiot is not just more comforting: it is also more workable and financially more lucrative than accepting your inevitable incompetence and curling up in a corner.  And it's not like whatever it is won't be done by SOME confident idiot, and very likely the other guy is no better than you.

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The server and local PC backups are automated, of course.  But deleting them isn't, which causes me Issues.

One location my backup are stored at (I  have three lots of backups, each on a separate server belonging to a dfferent company) is on Amazon's S3 servers, at their Ireland datacentre*.  This service charges by volume of data stored.  So yesterday I was sitting there staring at the pile of lovely backups from April (each one a golden second chance to avert disaster or idiocy! Who cannot love a second chance???)

And I was thinking: probably I don't need 5 complete backups of absolutely everything from April. If I delete these, I will save money, and still have May and June. BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENED IN MAY OR JUNE THAT I'VE NOT YET DISCOVERED???

In the end I deleted all but one of April.  I also have a full backup from March, and January still lurking. This may be a form of hoarding.  Or it may just be prudence.  I can't tell.

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The power socket for my laptop has really truly finally died this time, and after a new power cord, a new keyboard, sugru to hold the disintegrating case and power socket together, I think the dratted thing is finally on the way out this time.   Who knew a Vaio would be so fragile?  Although I think it's lasted me since 2011, so I suppose that by modern standards its lifetime was not excessively short.

Laptop purchasing is a horrid nightmarish confusopoly, even choosing with the help of Pp who builds his own machines.  In the end, I have ordered an Asus N550JK.   It will come with Windows 8*, oh no, and it will no doubt take three days to ensure it is all set up as I want it. Drattitude.

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Is  We launched it today in Looe.  There was cake!    The idea of it is to encourage people to come to Cornwall, but instead of trogging all the way down to Penzance or Land's End to the Distant Western Lands of Glamour,  but stop along the south coast or on the moors instead.  

It still needs yet more content (is there any website that has 'enough content'?, but it's now at the point where it needs the members and volunteers of South East Cornwall Tourism to Do Their Thing and improve it, and I reckon they are more likely to be motivated to do that if the site is live, so live it is.  All feedback muchly appreciated! 

No Camera

Jan. 6th, 2015 11:08 pm
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I forgot to take my camera when I took the dogs out this afternoon.

Deep purple cloud overhead, the low sun casting golden veils over the mists in the valley and making the western hills shine. In the east a great shining rainbow, with Dartmoor looming deep blue behind it. The moss glowing green edged with gold, and the yellow grass stems and the granite boulders shining. It started to rain, and the low sun caught the raindrops and made them glitter, and the black bare trees caught the raindrops glistening. Rosie Roo poised delicately on a hillock against the setting sun, limned in gold light and her huge ears glowing a soft pink with the sun shining through them.

Working stupidly hard at the moment, went to bed way too late, got up way too early, really should go to bed now, eyeballs feel like pickled onions - but at least I got to see the golden rain and the rainbow in the purple sky.
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That infuriating moment when you realise that, once again, the reason it didn't work is not because you don't understand and are clueless and should give up and go away,  but merely because you made a really stupid syntax error, which you did not spot because you assumed the problem was you were Doing Everything Wrong.

I need to have more confidence in my general comprehension skills, and much less confidence in my punctuation and basic error-checking. 


Oct. 28th, 2014 01:54 pm
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That feeling on the 21st iteration of 'can you make it look like this?' design when the layout works its way around to *exactly how the layout would look and work by default if no work had been done on it at all*  .

 It's amazing how great a wheel can look when you've just spent a solid week checking out all the alternatives and reinventing it. 
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Does anyone have any opinions on great museum websites that you have run across recently?  If so, what struck you as good about 'em?  I'm on the hunt for ideas.

I do like the Ashmolean one - even if I'm not 100% convinced by the slideshow, the way they get a lot of good points for the museum onto the homepage without it looking cluttered is very nice.
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Photo workshop went quite well, I think.  My skills may be rudimentary but they were still comfortably better than anyone present, which I always think is the key factor for skills training.  So I may not have taught them All the Things, but they all learned Things they didn't know, at any rate.

In other news, I walked through the Sarumanish quarry the other day, because I felt that experiencing a strange place full of windowless buildings that make bangs and crashes randomly, as if trolls were imprisoned within, would be good practice for the hounds at Coping with the Scary.

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Some distance down the road, what looks like a House of Mewlips.
The shadows where the Mewlips dwell are dark and wet as ink... unless someone has got a bit overbusy with gamma correction so you can see the damp before ... slow and softly rings their bell as in the slime you sink. )

In other, other news, I have discovered that it is now possible to buy licorice and cinnamon herb tea.   Why was I not informed of this previously??? 
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I don't need to do this all that often, so it is quite irritating to me that I knew how to do this back in May, but I didn't quite finish the job for some reason, and then when I came back to it, I couldn't remember how I did it or find any notes about it. Grrr!

So, I figured out how to do it again. And now here I am making notes in public, where the world can Google it if they want to, and so can I.

I SSH'd into Server1, where I found the files I wanted stashed in this directory: /domains/t/h/

Then I checked Server2 to find out where I wanted to put the files. Ah yes, in /home/thiswebsite/public_html (different directory structure on Server2, just to make my life more exciting apparently).

So I did this:

scp -rp /domains/t/h/

Only then I found that user account, on did not have shell access. In a moment's foolishness, I switched to root access. But this doesn't work (fortunately) - you can't just scp right in when you are root. The thing to do was to change so that he had shell access. So I did that, and it worked. Hurray! A pile of monster files copied direct.

more helpful instructions here.
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[Poll #1906239][Poll #1906239]Clearly the really professional thing to do is to somehow manage to observe the problem and politely yet persuasively come up with a less suggestive wording without giggling.   But I am only human, and apparently my sense of humour is only 10 years old. :-D
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[ profile] philmophlegm and I have been working like blue-arsed flies lately: hence rather less posting than normal.    We decided that rather than move house, or end up with Pp having to take a job that he didn't really want that would pay not very much, we would try and make my business, which has been bumping along for a good few years now as a one-person business with occasional help from freelancers, into a two-person business.
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Further to this post about my filter woes am delighted to report that I got a tweet from @TalkTalkCare and an email from someone at about my problem with the site that had been wrongly blacklisted by Talktalk's content filters.  

The email promises that not only will the site be unblocked, but that they will also look at why it was incorrectly blacklisted and add something to their ISP FAQ for content providers who are wrongly blocked and wish to request a review. 

I am impressed by the speed and comprehensive nature of the response, although something tells me that may not be unrelated to my having...
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