Jun. 14th, 2017 04:04 pm
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Edged out of a wobbly old Cornish junction with a building hanging perilously over it, into an unexpected!Landrover.

Lost a chunk of Helga Saab's bumper and probably responsible for repairing a dent in the Landrover. Oh well, at least my no-claims bonus is protected. Surprising it doesn't happen more often, I spose. Someone came running out of a building,having heard the bang: "That's the third time this week on this junction!" she said.
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In other news, Helga Saab had a few minor fixes, re-took her MOT and passed! For a car made in 2002 that is getting on to 150,000 miles, I think passing an MOT at a price of only 200 quid (including a new tyre) is pretty good. Well done Helga. Well done, 2002 Swedish engineers, I'm sorry your car company went bust. Well done, Dave the Garage with your stylish-yet-affordable tyres.

ETA, apparently Saab has risen from the ashes and is now National Electric Vehicle Sweden, still based at the splendidly named Trollhättan! Good for them. I bet their cars will be quirky and efficient. Sadly, it's very unlikely I shall ever be able to afford a new car, but I shall send them generalised good wishes anyway.
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You know how you often see flowers attached to a road sign or a tree by the road, placed in memory, one assumes, of someone dead in a road accident?

I've never actually seen anyone putting them up, but I had vaguely wondered about them. I'd envisaged, perhaps, a pair of mourning parents, or a desolate deserted Significant Other, perhaps supported by a friend.

Today I saw the flower bringers. There were about 10 of them, all men in their early 20's, and rather tanned, all on foot, faces very serious, walking along a roadside in a loose group, with the two people who were holding bouquets at the front. As I drove past them, they arrived at a road sign and began to tie the flowers to it.  I almost stopped and took a photo of them, but didn't quite have the nerve. 
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In Tavistock yesterday, we parked near an array of elderly cars.  Not, on the whole, ancient cars - cars about my age, or perhaps 10 years older.

I was delighted to see that one of the two elderly Rovers had a number of Werther's Original sweets on the dashboard.  If I were writing fiction and included one of those Rovers, I'm not sure I would have the nerve to include Werther's Original, it would seem just too much.  I immediately rushed over to the other Rover to check it for Werthers.  Sadly there were none - but even better, there was a tin of pipe tobacco, and a wooden pipe!  

Sometimes it's nice to have your expectations confirmed. 
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And I wrote a whole long LJ post in my head as I was driving back, but now I am too tired to type it.  It was something along the lines of

- Porsche, perceptions, and why I choose Helga Saab to take me there not Percy the Purple Porsche

- Mazzards : should I get one? Or several?

-  People who say that they are clueless because they are female are very irritating. The 'clue' is not stored on  the Y chromasome. 

- Driving the ghosts of old roads

- Exactly what I want to do to people who tailgate through the 30 zone, are lost as soon as you hit bends, then speed through the next 30 zone to catch up so they can tailgate again. 

- Official Going To Meeting Trousers and average numbers of dogs at a Bunn business meeting. 

Anyway, as I say, I was too tired to type it all out and make it make sense. if you can figure it out from that lot you deserve some sort of award...


Jul. 9th, 2009 01:14 pm
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There are three different MX5 cars in the local paper today, different ages, mileage, body shape and contact details - but all 3 are California special editions. Weird coincidence.

That's the yellow one, by the way. I do love yellow cars. And Mx5s. Sadly, there is no way that 2 greyhound sized dogs are going to fit into a 2-seater convertible, no matter how yellow it is.


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