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On that walk I just posted about, there were many adits, and it was clear that the hillside was full of hidden tunnels.  So I decided to draw a cross-section through the walk.  I've uploaded the large version a bit larger than normal as there is quite a lot of small detail, although unfortunately the camera has lost focus a little at the edges so you may not be able to make out the gentleman taking a bath, whose job it is to ensure that the goblins don't get out and misbehave.

In other news, Ruggie went off to his new home yesterday, and I just got a happy email from his new owners saying he has settled in beautifully.   I'm sure he's much happier in a bungalow, and he clearly was delighted with his new Golden Retriever lady friends, who are so much easier for him to keep up with than the lurchers! 
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I have recently become particularly sensitive to cries of 'Noooooooo!' at climactic moments in movies.   I may even have gone so far as to say 'I don't think people actually say 'nooooooo!' in moments of crisis.'    

And then this evening, Ruggie tried to go trotting into the house, having fallen over in a thick muddy puddle, and being deeply encrusted with mud.  The noise I made as I leaped to grab him before he hit the carpet was pretty much exactly :  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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I finally gave in to increasing levels of sleep deprivation, closed all the doors in the house, put in earplugs and let foster Ruggie just bark to himself downstairs last night.  (Ruggie cannot or will not walk up stairs, and disapproves of everyone but the cats vanishing upstairs for the entire night.)

Even with earplugs in I can still just about hear him, but  I feel SO MUCH MORE HUMAN for having slept a full night in bed.  I don't think he barked the whole night, and when I came down, he seemed excited but not hugely distressed.  I would never let a sighthound bark on and on like that, but I can't imagine a sighthound randomly barking for hours without being severely distressed, whereas it almost seems like Ruggie's default state is either asleep or barking!  ( I don't think anyone outside the house can hear him, it's doubleglazed and our neighbours are not right next to us. )  Also, I could probably carry a sighthound upstairs if I needed to.  Though now I think of it, foster Bob didn't like being upstairs and we had a bed for him in the hall.  He didn't bark all night though!

Ruggie's off to his new home on Monday, barring any last-minute glitches. New owners have a bungalow and their other golden retrievers sleep in the bedroom, so they are used to it! 
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Yesterday it rained.  I had planned to garden, but the sudden downpours were too much. Instead we went wandering around Tavistock for several hours with the hounds (and took them to our favorite dog-friendly cafe for lunch).  I managed to get some more titanium white acrylic paint and then since the shop had an offer, I bought some silver, buff titanium, and Naples Yellow (which at least in the Windsor and Newton range seems to be quite a muted pinkish shade).     Foster Ruggie was quite tired out by town life, and fell fast asleep in the cafe, so Brythen and Rosie got to split a home-made burger and chips between them.  Brythen ate all the chips. Chips are not refined enough for Rosie Roo.

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This morning, Foster Mr Ruggie was excited by the wind in the grass and did his level best to run with the lurchers.  They ran in huge fleet-footed elegant circles, and he bounced madly in the middle like an over-excited hearthrug, flollopping happily and yipping.

And then this evening he sniffed All the Things, went for a paddle in a stream, and met a flatcoat and a cocker spaniel.  And now...

He's still waking up at 5am, for some mysterious reason, and barks madly until I come down and sleep on the sofa, at which point he happily goes back to sleep (but he won't let me get away with sneaking back to bed: I've tried).   His back legs feel a lot better, particularly the right one, which actually feels like a proper leg with muscles in it now.  The left back leg is a bit less solid, but it still feels less like a hairy bag with a bone inside it, which has to be a good thing.
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He steals everything!   And he guards it too, so you have to do swaps if he takes something you want back.  Honestly, I thought lurchers were supposed to be thieves, they have nothing on Mr Ruggie!
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Yesterday I went over to Mary Tavy to watch a Shakespeare in the Garden production. Read more... )

Oldie foster stole some bubblewrap this morning,Read more... )
I've downloaded a copy of Synfig, an animation program, to play with. Because apparently I don't already have enough art supplies. I am hoping that it may be possible to use Synfig to produce animations created from pastel drawings, in some way. What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking of which, I am mildly annoyed Read more... )

On the other hand, the blackberries are ripening. This morning (on my long non-foster dog walk) I picked blackberries and ate the good ones, and kept the rest to chuck to the three pigs. I feel pigs probably don't mind their blackberries slightly squashed or maggoty.

A camera-related triumph! Read more... )

This evening we were just setting off to walk the dogs when we saw a pair of biplanes overhead! I didn't think you still got biplanes.
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It was too hot to reallly walk properly again.  I should get into the habit of going later, but the dogs aren't keen on that.   I wished I'd worn waterproof shoes rather than wellies so I could go paddling properly  (It's not deep enough here to swim).  I waded in anyway and enjoyed the river.   Oh!  and I saw a slow-worm on my way down to the river, basking peacefully on the sandy path in the sunshine.  The dogs all assumed he was a twig and ignored him, but he did not wish to be photographed and made off when I got the camera out.
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Jul. 3rd, 2016 10:35 pm
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Oddly tired at the moment.  Slept a lot this weekend, without really taking the edge off it.  Then tried to work, to catch up a bit on work not done last week, with not much success.  Meh again.  Let me try rummaging in my camera card, maybe that will be more successful.

Small triumph: the nasturtium tropoleum that I planted a few years ago still likes the garden, and has thrown up a string of brilliantly red flowers.  It has a reputation as a picky plant, so I'm pleased it likes it well enough to be fighting the rest of the garden successfully. Read more... )

Foster Carlos has also gone flomp. His dog bed technique has improved a lot since he first arrived and he has gone from flopping randomly over the edge of the dog bed to fitting himself inside it quite neatly.
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I wrote this intermittently through the day while waiting for things to transfer across the internet, half-expecting LJ to lose it, but it hasn't.  It's a bit rambling.

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I wasn't sure if foster Carlos would be able to manage a proper run at his age, after eleven years onlead, and a touch of arthritis.  But he gave it a good go.

Gorgeous evening, and of course I had not bothered to bring my proper camera, as it had been so grey most of the day.  But I took a few phonepics.  
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 Foster dog woke me early on Sunday, so decided to take a trip down to the beach before the day got too hot
On the way home, I noticed these fields planted by some unsung artist of a farmer.  It is blue flax, otherwise known as linseed, stretching all the way to the skyline.

And here are a few photos of foster Carlos.

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He was very stressed when he arrived and I spent most of last night trying to stop him barking constantly and whining miserably, but today he is much happier.   He is 12, and needs a new home because his owner has family medical issues that make dog ownership impractical. He was called Elvis, but Pp decided he looked like a jackal, and named him Carlos.  He doesn't seem to answer to either name so it's not much odds really.

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 Well, having carefully documented the first Six Days of Perdy, the experiment has been derailed by my managing to find a mug generous sighthound lover who has no cats, who was prepared to take Perdy in as a foster dog.
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It was a grey old day, very glum and misty, so did not bother with camera. I did remember to give Perdy and Rosie their melatonin (yay!) although was rather disheartened when Perdy then almost immediately had a wild barking fit at a couple of spaniels across the car park. Still, onwards and upwards.
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Forgot to give dogs their melatonin this morning again.  Both of them flew off the handle lunging,  barking and swearing at a pair of deerhounds and a Vizsla, drattit.

On the evening walk I did give them their melatonin pills before hand, and they were MUCH better with other dogs we met.Read more... )
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Pp's foster dog review is typically short and uncomplimentary: 'klaxon on legs' he says. 


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