Jun. 15th, 2014

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To compensate for having walked Rosie in the woods, I took her to Stoke Climsland Fair - just her, not Brythen, because it was too hot for him. He's much less heatproof than Rosie.  She found it stressful to start with - we went and hung around on the fringes of the dog show, for practice.  She relaxed a bit after she had some of my Victoria Sponge though.    The fair was celebrating the 175th anniversary of their post office.

There was Cornish wrestling.  I've never seen Cornish Wrestling before, although I'd vaguely heard of it.Read more... )
One of the stalls had owls.  I took a photo of this owl, because it struck me as pleasingly pointy.
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After Mollydog greyhound died, I had two non-vocal dogs.  I sometimes used to remember the days of Mollydog's song and dance act, and regret this.

I think this has angered some god, possibly Anubis,  who has sent me Rosie Roo and her Noseflute to teach me to show proper appreciation of nice quiet dogs. 
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How did I do all that reading about Viking ships just now, and not realise that the beautiful Oseberg ship that you see photos of everywhere when you look for Viking ships, was not just a ship-burial, but a queen-burial? "The skeletons of two women were found in the grave with the ship. One, probably aged 60–70, suffered badly from arthritis and other maladies. The second was initially believed to be aged 25–30, but analysis of tooth-root translucency suggests she was older (aged 50–55)."

And also, here is a little Viking person I've just stumbled upon; the Harby Valkyrie, thought to date to around 800AD.  I love her hairstyle and Big Sword and patterned dress. (I'm not sure why valkyrie rather than shieldmaiden? Maybe it's the hair.).  I may see if I can carve a version of her.

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Lots more really good photos of her here : http://www.finefynskefund.dk/valkyrien/


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