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He was very stressed when he arrived and I spent most of last night trying to stop him barking constantly and whining miserably, but today he is much happier.   He is 12, and needs a new home because his owner has family medical issues that make dog ownership impractical. He was called Elvis, but Pp decided he looked like a jackal, and named him Carlos.  He doesn't seem to answer to either name so it's not much odds really.

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Seen this morning : three magnificent grey cobs, each one about as wide as tall, with huge curvy hindquarters and wide flaring nostrils and proud curving necks, the feathers on their fetlocks and their long manes rippling majestically.  On top of the three horses, three equally magnificently curvy ladies, with huge rounded backsides precariously crammed into tight jodhpurs, cheery apple cheeks and ample bosoms bouncing to the rhythm of the hooves.   It was a spectacular symphony in generous curves.

This afternoon:  cleared and partially repainted the utility room, then follow-up homecheck for an Oldies Club dog that I homechecked for 8 months ago.  She is in lovely condition and clearly adored: I was there for two hours, their ability to talk about their dog is amazing!  Mind you, she is a great dog, you'd never guess she was 11.Read more... )
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Three Dog Photos )
Decision )

In other news, Amber likes standing up on her back legs and offering her paws. I am hoping to train her to do so when I say 'Rory Calhoun'. :-D
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Something of a nightmare weekend : foster dog Amber managed to get out of the garden, panicked and ran

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Amber (front) and Chloe (back) have come to visit as foster dogs.  It was all a bit of a rush. The owner had died and as usual for January, rescues are bulging with Christmas puppies/dogs chucked out to make room for Christmas puppies, so these two were either going to the pound or to be put to sleep.  

Thankfully, they are used to other dogs and cats ( I can't tell you how many calls we get about dogs that have literally not met another dog for years and years, which makes finding foster homes for them incredibly difficult.  )  As Oldies Club doesn't deal with puppies, we managed to squeeze these two in as urgent extras and they came aaaaaallll the way from Yorkshire to Cornwall today before The Snow descends and the country gives up all hope of travel until it melts. 
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This is Yogi.  Her owners' children and grandchildren have moved in with her elderly owners, and she doesn't like the noisy baby and toddler, and expresses this by growling and snapping if approached by them.  She was supposed to be put to sleep today, but they called Oldies as a last try to find another option, so she's coming here instead.   She hasn't lived with cats before, so this could be a bit hair raising... 

That coat is a bit alarming - looks very tangled.  I think I'll be booking her in to be groomed pronto... 

In case you are wondering about the spaghetti hoops, the idea is that it gives an indication of the size of the dog, and also, people tend not to have photos of their dogs with random tins of stuff, so asking for a photo with a tin means the photo is likely to be a new one (some people send photos that are years old, so it's a bit of a surprise when the dog comes in looking much older and in a bit of a state). 
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Oldies Club, and indeed most small dog rescues, has liability insurance with Cliverton, a company which has made a bit of a corner of the market in the area of small volunteer-run rescues. The problem with this is that when they decide to change the rules, it's very difficult to find anywhere else to turn. 
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We heard today that Dogs Today magazine would feature a couple of Oldies Club dogs seeking homes if we could supply large high-quality photos of them.  One of the dogs in question was Blue, who has been waiting for a home for well over a year.  

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Today was a busy day! 
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Foster Kya goes home )
I had some sad news. Since Kya was going home today, I offered yesterday to take in a collie called Bob, who had been home alone at his home in Cardiff for a couple of months after the death of his owner.  Much to our distress, when the duty rehoming person called this morning to arrange this, we were told that he was put to sleep yesterday, as they'd given up hope of finding a home for him.  What a bummer.  Should have got Kya out the door that little bit quicker. Can't save them all, but the timing on that one was so tight, a day would have made the difference.
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Kaya the Oldies Club foster lurcher has landed.  She is supposedly 14 years old* and needs a new home because her owners have toddlers. So far she has behaved impeccably with both cats and dogs and seems like a very nice dog (if somewhat in need of a trim).   Mollydog, however, is terribly miffed, and is throwing a serious sulk.  

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* I'm slightly dubious about the age: if her owner hadn't sworn it was right, I'd have guessed 10-11ish - which is in fact what it says in her vaccination card as well. 
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I think Footie cat's eyesight is going.  Yesterday he was sitting next to me when Yama Bungle came and sat on my lap. Footie hissed at Yama feeling he was too close. So, I pushed Yama over to the other side and reached out to stroke Footie to reassure him.  And he bopped me something fierce!  I now have a nasty scratch.  I think he couldnt' see that the moving thing coming towards him was my hand, he thought it was a Bungle.

Sadly,  Rusty lurcher who I mentioned was coming to me as a foster dog started showing some fairly serious signs of aggression towards people when he arrived at kennels.   We are getting a behaviourist in to assess him but at the moment he can't go into a home.  Really hope that the problem can be resolved, but it's not looking good.

They are sending me a 14 year old beardie X lurcher bitch instead!
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This large hairy dog's owner had a very serious accident and was rushed into hospital.  Nobody was able to care for the dog, so the local dog warden took him into the local pound kennels, where the  council confirmed they would not pay for his kennelling fees (nor could/would the owner)  and asked the pound to have him put to sleep.  

The pound wanted to give him a chance so they called round.  Everywhere is full to the brim including overflow spaces with lurchers right now,  even worse than usual. So I said I would take him. 

We think he is some sort of  a wolfhound cross, and about 7-ish.   At the moment he is in Milton Keynes (in Oldies Club's emergency kennels) while he gets his vaccinations up to date, then he will come here until he finds a home. 

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 I am trying to move to a new website hosting provider.  This means clearing everything off the old dedicated server and moving a bunch of websites onto a cloud hosting platform instead.   Today I had to move the Oldies Club website, which despite being a volunteer project, is probably the biggest one that I am involved with.  It is so huge simply because it keeps the details of every old dog ever listed (plus all the revisions to the record, and all the photos, and the CMS behind it all). 

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Endless Bobbery! In which Bob Lurcher continues a medical mystery. )
Yet more photos of Bob )
I took some sighthound running pics of my hounds running with two lurchers and a greyhound belonging to some friends and popped them on Flickr for ease of sharing.  I don't normally use Flickr, but I wanted to put these up at a reasonable printable size and that seemed a quick way to do it...

They are here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/50739438@N02/sets/72157625699319843/    

Bob is not in them.  He doesn't really do competitive running : the best he can summon up is a sort of brief gallumph. I think he enjoys it though. Gallumphing )

This is the first set of photos I've taken off my new huge fast SD card (can't quite believe that 8Gb of data now fits on something that size*) . It is so huge and fast that the SD card reader built into philmophlegm's monitor could not cope, and refused to talk to it, so I bought a really cheap USB SD card reader off amazon.

Why did I not buy one of these before??? It's LOADS faster than the old card reader and the machine doesnt' have any tendency to throw a wobbly if you want to look at the pics without copying them first! It cost less than three quid! AWESOME.

* I've selfconsciously put this in in the hope that in a few years I will look back on it, probably using my grain-of-rice-sized supercomputer, and laugh...**

** damn it, I've just jinxed computer development for the next 30 years and possibly caused the downfall of industrial civilisation with that footnote, havent' I? I can only hope this second footnote will fix things.
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A number of people wondered if Bob's issues were mostly behavioural -  I decided to do another Bob video showing a bit more clearly what the problem is.  It *seems* more than behaviour to me (though he's obviously keen not to go out in the cold!) 

He's definitely improved in the mornings - seems to be able to stand straight away. Problem is generally in the eveningRead more... )


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